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  1. No that is just the Antifa clowns tossing their roaches out the window on their way to Portland.
  2. Now that WAP Klamala has show her cards to us that Mush Brain Joe is a puppet front for her. With her saying they will put up 1.5 billion for minorities to start business. You take tax money from me and will not allow me to access it to start a business? How is that NOT discrimination? A flat out middle finger to FEDERAL LAW! Yea I'll vote for you.... NOT!
  3. Mach1Rider


    Sadly even if he did have the facts it still would not matter. I have dealt with too many people in his stage of jello brain. And it will not get better for him as time passes.
  4. Mach1Rider


    Had a good chuckle at this at first, Then thought hell they are living in their mom's basement and then the logic set in. They are part of the village that raised these morons so why not! We can chant outside while it burns, This is justice for your deeds.... Come outside and we'll make you bleed! They are the ones who have the so called privileged life with their participation awards growing up instead of earning it.
  5. Just like the rumor that Black Lives Matter is.
  6. Mach1Rider


    So they now have shown the rules of the game they want to play. As they are walking up to police sitting in their car and shooting them for no reason. This means that anyone wearing a BLM or Antifa garb is a open target also. Just so they remember that next time they wish to confront people sitting enjoying a night out dining and choose to harass them that they too can be put down like rabid dogs. Poke the sleeping bear and do not cry when it awakes and rips you a new one!
  7. After watching the brain dead moron speak or try to read the screen thru squinting eyes, It took a lot to keep from throwing up my lunch! Not only was it a total BS lie filled so called speech, But so wrong in every way. I am sure the lies will pile up as time gets closer to the Nov 3rd vote, So I suggest that everyone get set for a major upheaval and unrest in the days to come.
  8. Yes it would be a good spot as long as the sensor is deep enough into the hole to have the probe end in the coolant flow. But if not the lower hose is an option.
  9. Not using the hat thermostat for the C WILL run hot as the coolant is not completely passing into the radiator. Temp sensor should be on eng port. I run the fan controller in the lower rad hose. Having it there controls the temp of coo;ant entering block. Simple sleeve with a bung that allows the probe to be deep into the coolant flow work well.
  10. Looking good! Bet the guy running the lines is saying *&%@#$ could you not made a few holes for me to snake them thru for gods sake!
  11. Mach1Rider


    So now the BLM wants a revolution? Well are they ready to meet the opposition? Just because they can run rampant in Dem controlled cities does not mean the rest of the people are willing to bow down to them. What do they think will happen when they run into the old man that lost his wife of 43 years last sept. Has a daughter that the government has given her vaccines that are killing her before she can make it to 50 tears old. That fellow with nothing left to lose and is willing to unleash hell on the oncoming mob no matter what your skin color is. That man is willing to give each of them their partispation award maybe two if needed to the head. And for those who pass the final line in the sand a large finally of fireworks will help remove whats left of them, Thank you for playing.... Ready Player 2
  12. LoL ya'all are late to the party, the stock up time was back when the last moron got re-elected, It was much cheaper then and ups guy needed a back brace for my deliveries. I just need more fuel storage for the backhoe, Takes a lot to dig all those holes. So why can Rosetta and babble teach us a new language but can't teach english to the rest of them? Why as you run from the law because of warrants for your arrest and you fight them, You are the poor misunderstood sole? So its ok for you all to riot and cause terror in the streets, But I can not stand in line to vote? Most of these idiots crying about slavery fail to understand the Democrats brought back slavery in the 60's, It was called the DRAFT! Don't tell me it wasn't the same i was caught up in it. If these fools want to burn everything down, Just where are they going to live? Who came up with the idea that we should care what some spoiled hollywood or music clown or sports baby think. Most could not truly come up with a thought of their own in the first place. Why does these morons rioting are all for it till someone hands them their ass, Then they want the police there to save them.
  13. So I am old and have seen a lot so far but the complete loss of common sense has me at a loss. Why is it so dangerous to vote in person, Yet we go to the stores, gas stations, banks and more without worry about the so called danger. They blame Trump for the virus, So do they have a better idea or cure ? If so then why do they not come out and show us what can be done to stop it , Why do they need me to vote for them to see their plans. They keep yelling Black lives matter , As they slaughter each other in the streets daily. Calling to defund the Police , But do not say who or what is the plan to protect the citizens of the US. You want a Green New Deal , But you cannot tell me why tossing money in the air is going to stop millions of years of climate change. You scream for reparations and burn down, loot, kill and say I have white privilege but know nothing about my lifes hardships. News Flash!!!! Your reparation check has been defunded and sent to the cash pot to replace and rebuild the cities and business's that were destroyed in your misguided riots. Looking back at the Lefts idea of It Takes a Village to Raise a Child program , They forgot to consider what would the out come would be when your village is full of Idiots!
  14. I watched the speech and agree with most of all that was said. Now waiting to see the mob strike out and demand he give back his awards.
  15. Very true, But trying to compare what a business man does in private life to what those political hacks have done to our country while in office. Is comparing Apple pie to dog shit, Which would you prefer to eat?
  16. I ran the 3.5 rear end in my 70 Mach1 pushed by a stout 351Cj and close ratio toploader. No problems getting it to move off the line, In hind sight a 3.25 may have been better for freeway travels. Anything taller in rear would have made putting the power to the ground a challenge, Spinning is not winning but does make a cool smoke show.
  17. Most likely its in need of adjustment. If the linkage bushings are in good shape then a complete adjustment check is next. Use the pin inserted with shifter in neutral and linkage disconnected. Adjust each arm so that it slides into the hole centered. A simple nail will work for adjustment pin as long as it is a snug fit to keep things centered.
  18. Stock was inline pump and carb. 2vs were screwed directly into carb. Using a stock puller pump place filter before carb. Using a pusher pump place it between tank and pump. good rule of thumb.
  19. Come on man..... You have a Babe driving a Hot car that causes a wet dream in a gear heads pants! And you expect them to maintain control?
  20. Looking real good. Next question is who is in charge of cleaning it if it is driven?
  21. Send a note to Midlife, He will check out whats in your shorts.... Errr help with your problem resident wiring Guru.
  22. Damn, I should have been watching more. I would have picked it up and finished it to keep and add to my truck line here.
  23. I would like to suggest that they take a trip to NYC and try out the traction control along 5th ave. I'm sure the letters will show they need wider rear tires. LOL
  24. Looks like Ford has been watching your build. Flipped thru the new Bronco and they are showing the 2 door, 4 door and sport model for next year.
  25. Hyd lifter start with a one turn past 0 clearance of pushrod.
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