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  1. This problem sounds like lack of or poor body grounds. Check the ground straps to the firewall and engine to fender locations. How do you know the sending unit is bad? It could be wrong type, like one for light not gauge.
  2. Mach1Rider

    Brakes extremely sensitive

    Most overlooked adjustment is booster rod to master cylinder plunger depth. From your post I would expect to find it is too long and making brakes touchy. I would also check to insure that they are fully releasing after pressing the brake petal, My guess is they are dragging slightly.
  3. Mach1Rider

    70 ign issues

    Yes, Brown wire is to coil when key is in start position. I on sol. Red/blu wire is power to sol for starter to run. S on sol.
  4. Mach1Rider

    Steering box questions

    1. Remove the steering linkage from the arm. 2. remove the 12pt squeeze bolt from the lower side of the rag joint completely. The connection is splined and the bolt hs a slot that holds it so it must be removed. 3. remove the 3 bolts holding the box to the frame and drop it out of the bottom. Work smarter not harder.
  5. Mach1Rider

    Engine Analyzer

    Yes I have one and use it on the older vec. Will not work on newer models with computer controls. Have used it for all of the items listed on the box. Useful tool for old school working engines even single bore lawn mowers.
  6. Mach1Rider

    2000 Mustang Fuel pump????

    Look for the service valve on the fuel line in engine bay. Cap looks like a tire air valve. check for fuel pressure there by pressing in the pin. no flow is no gas to engine.
  7. Mach1Rider

    Brake Booster Pedal Rod Length

    This is one of the problems with old cars and new replacement parts. The new parts are made to fit more than just one model/year car and may have some adjustable points to make them fit. The pedal connection point it one, it allows movement in or out. You stated the rod is fully in and still too long, remove it and shorten the threaded end by a 1/4 inch to get your needs met as the connection should be. the pedal end is floating, this is where the pin is free to move in or out without preload of the pedal. The other adjustment that is VERY important is the booster to master rod. The depth of the master should be checked and the measurement of the rod made to match for proper brake operation.
  8. Mach1Rider

    Best carbureter for stock 302

    Look at the Summit 600 carb. Its a plug and play easy to adjust and simple to work on.
  9. Build from firewall out will always be the easiest, That is how the factory did it.
  10. Mach1Rider

    safety netural switch

    Replace the switch, it not only will make it safe in only starting in N or P but it controls your back up lamps for others to see your reversing from parking spots.
  11. Your good to go, Hole is more than needed for venting.
  12. Mach1Rider

    Instrument cluster problems

    Do you have the insulators in place on the gauges mounting bolts? they will ground out very easy without them. No power out to the sending units as they are grounding for the gauge that allows it to read. Is the harness to the cluster grounded?
  13. Yes this is the vapor recovery system for 70 and up. You need to have a vented fuel cap for your tank if this system is not going to be connected or it will pressure feed the carb with vapor expansion. As for the leaks it is coming from the pressure over riding the float from the tank trying to expell vapor. reseal the carb and check float levels Yes using at least a 3/8 spacer under your carb to keep heat soak to a minimum is a good idea, They are available at most parts stores.
  14. The retap may work, Or try getting a next size up self tapping bolt to replace it with.
  15. Mach1Rider

    3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    And it has been polished and modified some from the pic you posted. The use of a 4 hole spacer will greatly improve your throttle response and low end grunt. Not saying you need it (for those who wish to refute it) just saying try a 20.00 test for your self as see the difference as I have done.