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  1. Damn, I should have been watching more. I would have picked it up and finished it to keep and add to my truck line here.
  2. I would like to suggest that they take a trip to NYC and try out the traction control along 5th ave. I'm sure the letters will show they need wider rear tires. LOL
  3. Looks like Ford has been watching your build. Flipped thru the new Bronco and they are showing the 2 door, 4 door and sport model for next year.
  4. Hyd lifter start with a one turn past 0 clearance of pushrod.
  5. Ground wire, had a ring end on it and to brace behind guage cluster.
  6. The front grill is growing on me, I like the lights behind look.
  7. Kids today do not know how to use that pedal, It must have thumb sticks to work like their play stations.
  8. Mach1Rider


    You can't fix stupid! But a nice 170 grain to the head will open its mind to new thoughts.
  9. make sure you post some pic's of smoky tire frying from the rear. always good to draw readers.
  10. From my past, A battery disconnected and still drops overnight is a battery with bad plates inside. Soon to have a short and complete failure.
  11. So Mr Hiden Biden shows his face to make his statement, Not really but read from a script and screen and not even try to hide it. Then ramble on taking questions by a list that they have pre written replies? This is what the left wants to be the leader of us all? Then we as a country are totally lost and the revolt will start soon!
  12. Mach1Rider


    My property line is the marked zone. Pass that point and your fate is in gods hands.
  13. Use gaskets that cover those spots,Tighten the carb nuts equal in a X pattern about 15in lbs.
  14. Mach1Rider


    Another reason they want to remove history from view. Continued voting for Dem's and you will reap what they sow! But be ready for the unruly mobs that they have created to come to your door.
  15. Mach1Rider


    Then you need to inform them to join Candice at #walkaway A good start to bring freedom back to your state.
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