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  1. Been too busy adding extra mouse traps to the property line. Prepping for the melting snowflakes.
  2. Mach1Rider


    Wondering if theses Dem controlled cities are going to issue the same stand down orders they used when the right wing peaceful protests start marching through the streets. I do not expect to see the burning and looting like Antifa and Blm groups have done but a mass of people headed towards the capitols and city halls demanding to be heard. Maybe the Gov and mayor of portland will be calling Trump to send in the national guard.
  3. So being rained in and bored, I did some channel surfing while there was a news conference on vote fraud. Fox and OAN are the only ones carrying it live the rest of the media channels are not, Why? Are they knowingly blacking out the news from the people and continuing to hide Trader Joe and his Hoe? The dam is about to break and the flood will expose the left and their corruption.
  4. So a virus made in a China lab and released by them is Trumps fault? And when he bans travel from said country he is called racist! As he gathers medical pros to figure out best plan of attack while the left is spouting Go have dinner and dance in the streets. And when he goes to the cabinet that is supposed to have emergency supplies in it, The thing is BARE! Yes both the left and right deep state politicians have done nothing but push back against ANY thing he was trying to do to help the people. Like get funds to help the pushed out of work by this virus, As the pundits fill any bill with pork for their side bailing out or supporting their special interests. Please explain why a simple bill needs the pork? But Trump did fail at the health care reform, Maybe not his fault but those turncoats that slashed it to keep it from passing. As the election goes there is a skunk in the booth and it needs to be put down. Please continue the debate with facts not media propaganda talking points.
  5. New building is looking sweet! Good choice staying out of California or your taxes would be paying for the dems trip to HI while your under lock down waiting your building to be built.
  6. Care to expand on this comment? I may not be his biggest fan of his tweets, But he does follow thru on what he said to get elected. Can't say that about many of the elected. And please do not say the pandemic is his fault unless you have a better idea of fixing it.
  7. Correct the Dems have a grand plan and every once in a while it slips out with little parts of info, But you must pay attention to hear it or the media will cover it up. Like Trader Joe's comment on how they have put together the best voter fraud system ever or Slimy Shoe saying first the vote in Georgia and then change the world followed by, First the vote in Georgia and then change America! The slip of the tongue tells it all if they get control of the power it will not be good. I too am concerned for the next generations, It took talking to my grandkids after listening to them chat spouting the media lies. Did not tell that their opinion were wrong but to think them thru in a logical way, Sort of like teaching them the flame on the stove will burn you if your not careful so think before you touch. Yes some let curiousness get the best of them and got burned. It was their way of verifying the fact. The Deep State is banking on the sheep will follow commands to get the free stuff promised by them, But what if they are as wrong as those polls they keep pointing at? There is a great chance that they may be confronted by Patriots like the Kings red coats were when they claimed freedom from them in 1776. It that one ray of sunshine i look for......
  8. It has really come to a sad time for not only this country but the world too. The speed bump came when the people stood up and put Trump in office and it stopped their plan that they have been putting in place for decades. Then the Deep State and the New World Order pushed their propaganda machine into high gear to gain control over everyone. Their view is a no holds barred to regain the upper hand and stop the populist movement, So why would they not release a virus that is aimed at the older population that is pushing back against free thinking group that will not take the blue pill. A simple glimpse back in history may make some people say we let this happen to us by accepting their lies. From the Towers that fell straight down to weapons of mass destruction that were never found followed by killing the people that could expose it all. Its just a plan to push the world to a position of control of the haves and have not like the movie Hunger Games. Think it is not happening? Then explain how a swamp creature that fail to get the top spot on the lefts ticket at least twice is being called the winner elect. How is it that he drew more votes over the first Black or Woman in this election when Trump took at least 25% of the voters from the lefts group who bailed the plantations. Now they say we should just get over it and move along, Really? They have done more attacks on a President that has done more to help ALL people in the last 4 years then Any one in my lifetime but the Orange Man Bad is all that is pushed on most of the news channels. Time to stand on you feet or live on your knees forever!
  9. Looks like I will be making my new peaceful protest sign tomorrow. Trader Joe and the Hoe are NOT my President! I think a 4x8 will be big enough for all to see without squinting.
  10. So the media runs 95% negative comments on Trump for over 4 years now and you say its a 2 way street? Then answer this simple question, What did the Obama/Biden run of 8 years do that was a plus for the people of America? Trump has made more changes in the time he has been in office that has helped all American people than any politican has ever done.
  11. Strange how no one questions why the Nevada count never changes? 3 Days of counting but the only changes are more left votes. There's a skunk in the counting rooms and its called the Media!
  12. Sadly Ridge your not wrong there but will the people stand for it? I received 5 ballots in the mail, One was for a previous owner that has not been here cense 1992. 3 ballots are for deceased voters and one was for me that I did not ask for as I vote in person. But I am supposed to believe the mass media that this is a fair and open election? reported to the state but not heard a word from them.
  13. So watching the vote tally and I see that there is close to 15 million more votes than in 2016. Tossing out a guess, I would say that it is from the younger crowd of under 25-30 year olds. They fell for the lefts its all going to be free for you, No more college payments and free medical and such for you all. Problem is it doesn't add up to reality. They use their new math that does not show the bottom line answer. You want all the free stuff but never ask how it will be paid for, You just expect its your right to have it. Sorry to bust your happy bubble but YOU will be footing the bill for the rest of your life! To keep it simple for those college grads, Look at the supply and demand side of what your expecting. Your demands will surpass the supply available within days if not hours. You need to have those who are producing to supply funds into the cash pie. But your demands are 10 times greater than the production can cover, Because those who were producing figured out that those who are demanding are not adding to the cash pie, So they have quit and joined the ranks of the demanding. Now there is nothing to draw from and NO ONE gets anything, Sorry the math proves it will not work and you got what you voted for. Enjoy!
  14. Seems sad that with all this high tech crap now days, no one can track the vote. Simple way to show it is corrupt, Look at number of voters in the county and see how many votes they count for it. Amazing how a county of 2500 can have 4000 votes counted for the left. they will just keep adding in ballots till it shows the left is ahead.
  15. Not at all, Have already finished the property line defense and informed the kids if they wish to come here phone ahead. Will be removing the safety pins and charging the hog traps tuesday morning.
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