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  1. 351 W Carb 'throb' at Idle

    A quick flush with carb cleaner inside and out will cure most problems and point you in the right direction for probable repair needed. plugged air bleeder will cause the problem in your video.
  2. Normally the 3/8 fuel line can e used to connect the pcv. Having the spacer plate removed is costing you bottom end power and maybe a fuel over heat trouble as the carb sitting directly on the intake.
  3. Intake Manifold Vacuum Fitting

    Well your choice is hit the junk yard or go with a vac tree connector from your local parts house with a nipple in the intake.
  4. How do you test Power Brake Booster

    Simple test for booster operation. With engine off, depress brake petal a few times till all assist is gone. With foot on brake petal pressing downward, Start engine. If the booster is working your foot will drop slightly as power assist is returned to booster.
  5. Convertible top while moving???

    And beer ads shows you that drinking their stuff will get you girls too.
  6. Front End Alignment - BAD NEWS

    Could you give the numbers for this? looks like the tops are out and the bottoms could be moved inward. there are many adjustments that can be made. Does this shop have any knowledge of these cars?
  7. Dash guage issues

    While the amp gauge to work is much more involved, Test the oil pressure first by grounding the wire at the sensor and flipping the key to the on position. If the wiring is good the needle will peg to the left. You sending unit my be bad. But also check for the eng to body ground straps are in place and any other grounding points. thsi is a main problem with miss reading guages.
  8. Value of 69 GT convertible

    Good looking Vert. But I would not post a picture of it on the flatbed in your for sale ad.
  9. Spammers attacking my status update page

    Its your avatar, They think you can make Vodka!
  10. Brake light switch question

    Is there some reason it can not be rotated 180* to solve the problem? Pic's would help us old timers. Lol
  11. Need advise on UCA bolt

    Good thinking there and something else to ponder, What if your wheel alignment needs shims? The short bolt would need to changed out a a extra cost anyway.
  12. Another craigslist rant

    Sorry RPM, she an only child and after having her around for the last 38 years yes she is a keeper. On another note, Made a deal last night for the car, She will be going to her new home this weekend.
  13. 1970 Mach 1 for sale

  14. Another craigslist rant

    I am hearing wife, NO shop till her house is finished! Now if the darn weather would co-operate then maybe? She says she has her own house now and its on wheels. Lol
  15. ~ 1969 428CJ installation

    While I do not always agree with Barnett on some things, I do on this point. its not a good idea drawn from the been there done that files of my brain. But hey its your car and body parts.