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  1. The retap may work, Or try getting a next size up self tapping bolt to replace it with.
  2. 3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    And it has been polished and modified some from the pic you posted. The use of a 4 hole spacer will greatly improve your throttle response and low end grunt. Not saying you need it (for those who wish to refute it) just saying try a 20.00 test for your self as see the difference as I have done.
  3. How do you test Power Brake Booster

    Your lack of braking power to me indicates there is not enough pressure to the wheels. Without checking the booster to master rod for proper clearance to plunger, the stroke from your brake petal is not applying full pressure to the wheels.
  4. Hissing sound from pop open gas cap

    Yes your tank NEEDS to vent, that little ding was put there to allow it and over time the gasket has molded to cover it. Failure to allow venting will cause problems down the road from fuel starving to tank collapse from fuel pump suction.
  5. C4 is probably shot - HELP.

    Look for the simple things first, Check the linkage for the kick down for correct adjustment and spring return. From you post it sounds like it has stuck its self in passing gear mode.
  6. 3,4,7,8 Running Lean

    Front 4 plugs must be good as you left them out. As I said before the use of a 1 inch four hole spacer would help. It allows better fuel/air mixing before it hits the open spaced intake, the rear cylinders have too work at getting fuel to them.
  7. Need opinion on brake issues

    Booster to master adjustment is on the rod tip of the booster. You have to remove the master and measure the depth of the masters plungers hole and compare it to the rods length. If you got the booster/master as a set contact the supplier and see if they preset it to match.
  8. Need opinion on brake issues

    Booster adjustment is on the rod that goes into the master cylinder. So you have the correct booster to petal rod for the proper stroke from petal to booster, But do you have the proper rod set up from the booster to master? Improper length in this rod will cause poor brake operation.
  9. Need opinion on brake issues

    Without you checking the light function insuring it lights, Its a process of elimination to see where the problem lies. Lines and hose is good. Wheel cylinders good. master and booster good. Front brakes work correctly. Rear will not hold with pad adjustment correct. Only then left in the system is the prop valve, The pin does not have to move much to restrict flow to the rear. When you bleed the wheel cyl, Does the fluid flow freely and with volume? If not your looking for the point the flow starts to be compressed. Last point is the master cylinder, Does the fluid flow out from it with volume and pressure? If not maybe the booster rod is not properly set. Just a thought because your not getting any front lock up.
  10. Need opinion on brake issues

    From your post, I would look at your prop valve for plunger centered. The pressure is low to the rear wheels. Do you get a steady pressure flow when you bleed the rear? If so how much fluid comes out? Minimal flow or amount indicates the plunger is not centered partly blocking fluid to rear.
  11. What direct fit Aluminum Radiator is there

    Make sure that the bypass plate is installed and use the correct thermostat for the C engine. A W stat will not work. I ran the Robert Shaw 180 stat and it would fully open at 187 and stay there high point was 195 sitting in traffic for 15 minutes and drop back down when even slightly moving forward. Standard 24 inch radiator with Ac and clutch fan 7 blade. I did try a 160 stat, But with the strip dominator intake on the C engine did not like it.
  12. Need Alignment Specs.

    Both the Op and you. Yes finding a good shop that knows about shims and proper adjusting of these cars is tough.
  13. 351W started missing

    I beg to differ, I have a 4 hole spacer plate installed with a thick lower gasket. The spacer is hollow inside and is cool to the touch with the engine at operating temps. You can not hold your fingers on the intake, But the spacer is only slightly warm to your fingers.
  14. 351W started missing

    Install a 4 hole spacer plate under the holley and lower your float levels to right at the bottom of the sight holes. The spacer plate will keep heat away and lessen fuel boil and it will add to your bottom end torque response.
  15. Need Alignment Specs.

    Go with the street spec, it will serve you best for your needs, Unless you do a lot of high speed cornering when you drive.