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  1. I take no doors for 100k Alex.
  2. Because he was not armed with anything but a note. Shows just how the rules are not for the law abiding people nut the felons. Like the rules in Cali, you can not protect your property unless you want to be in jail and sued.
  3. It may be only getting spark while cranking the starter, power to the coil is coming from the sol on the fender. Lack of coil power in run is from the tach or resistor wire or key. process of elimination using the wiring diagram.
  4. While I do see the fine work that is being done here, My tightwad ass hurts at that price. But I have never been a checkbook builder/owner.
  5. IIRC the harness side is a male/female connector, You should be able to unplug the tach and plug the harness wires togeather for test.
  6. Guessing you missed the bank robber story who repeatedly rob 3 banks in a week only to be released again.
  7. Yes bypass the tach to verify its not the problem of grounding out the ign circuit. Also check that you have voltage at the + side of coil with ign switch in on position.
  8. Just clarifying how does the trunk side fit? From the pic it looks like it is dropping down to the right. maybe relocating the mounting holes may help, need more info.
  9. Well she is in politics or is that porn, They both are closely related anyway. And that pic is the free stuff she wants to give out to everyone.
  10. So now they can not water off the sidewalks with crap and urine that will flow into the storm drains and flows into the waterways and oceans. Yes this is your liberals working for U! One more reason I left that cesspool of trash 5 years ago.
  11. The indoctrination started 30 years ago, Remember you need a village to raise a child. This started its all for me and it has to be free thought movement and has run rampant from 1st grade thru college class rooms. Add into the mix of the cell phone and debit card must have to be connected and most have turned over all control of their lives to the ruling deep state groups. The crap shoot comes when they shut off the systems to take over total control of the walking dead with the thought that all will bend to their will. Or does this set off a new revolt that makes the Boston tea party look like a frat house get together. I for one am not running anywhere, I work at keeping my powder dry and my aim straight.
  12. This car build date is around the time they were using up the 351W stock already built before moving on to the 351C, So it may be why this engine build date is not close to the actual car build date.
  13. Now if I still had my Mach1 this would be its hood! Nice work there Ridge Runner.
  14. Then recheck your float levels and blade positions for fuel leaking into intake.
  15. Just asking to insure you used the C stat they are made for the Cleveland only with lower hat to close off the bypass hole.
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