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  1. Shims for steering column mounting bracket.
  2. I'm not quitting, But slipping into the shadows to gather information and set the mouse traps to lower the rodent population. I can pray standing on my feet while focusing on my aim.
  3. Machspeed, Thanks for posting that list and comment it helps knowing there are some who see the future of the country and the rot within. Those in control have opened Pandoras Box and think they have won. Sadly they did not finish reading the instructions as it warns about the true cost of opening it. But when the bill comes due they will get what is coming to them 3 fold is Karma's rate and it does not take iou's.
  4. It is with a heavy heart that pains me more than the loss of my best friend and soul mate of over 42 years, It is the fall of a free nation. I have watch as over the months past where BLM and Antifa were peacefull protestors as the burnt and looted and killed. Only to have supporters of the president called terrorists, Yes there were some who when found out will show they were paid to disrupt the protest and cause trouble. So the Deep State has won, With the help of the big tec and the media they have got the control they have lied and stolen from the people. Then quickly followed by the turn coats attempting to save their own hides from the controlling mob. The freedoms we once had are gone, A simple scan through the media channels show they are starting to push their agenda forward as the first step is controlling speech, Banning those who dare voice opinions that differ from the party lines. Next will be passing laws that remove your right to defend yourself from them and others. Those who do not comply will be rounded up and placed in Education camps under the ruse of its for their own good cause they know whats best. The Propaganda machine has been turned on and the wheels are in motion to bring this nation under the control of a few not of the people. My guess is when it starts coming for those that allowed this to happen will stare in disbelief as they are consumed by it all. I feel for those who are stuck in the big cities as you all are the low hanging fruit so you will the first groups to feel the loss. Those of us that are outside will have sometime to prepare for them but we will not kneel down and join the cult followers. So I will be spending my time setting up my fall back spot so it is ready if needed and no longer wasting my breath or bandwidth trying to open the minds of those who do not wish to think for themselves anymore. I wish you all good luck for your future.
  5. Well to quote Queen Nancy, People are gonna do what people do! This far from over and now its time to turn the table on the lefties. The people are not going to just be part of the sheep herd without dragging a few of those off the hill.
  6. So those mostly peaceful protests where they looted and burned down sections of towns was ok. Now they show up to protest the Swamp and it is Un-American? They show up at your home to protest in the middle of the night and that is ok, But do it in the light of day and it is illegal? All they are asking for is them to follow the oath they took to honor the Constitution or step down. in the words of the Quiet Riot song..... We're Not Going to Take It Anymore!
  7. LMAO....... You poked the Bear and now it has come to drain the Swamp!
  8. If everyone is the same why do we need doors? You trying to hide something? Hate to break the bubble here but they are watching anyway!
  9. So Antifa can burn and loot in cities without worry of being arrested but someone tears down a BLM banner and burns it and is charged with destruction of property and made to pay for the banner? Our government can get nothing done to help small business but Barstool Sports can manage to get people to donate to help keep them open. While these government clown are collecting a paycheck for doing nothing but making rules of what words can be used in bills going forward so peoples feelings don't get hurt? Why is it the left can protest election results and claim it is for saving the nation, But when the right does it they are trying to destroy it? Still trying to understand how a 5 decade brain dead swamp creature received more votes than Obonzo or Killery did in this election? Must be that new math.
  10. Beam me up Scotty..... This planet is becoming a mindless Borg Collective.
  11. Just waiting to see how many trueley have the balls to stand up and fight for the people they are supposed to be serving on Jan 6th. Or are they willing to show their true wimpy self to the public.
  12. Tell them it is against your spiritual beliefs to violate your body. Time to use their rules against them.
  13. This is just icing on the cake of why I left Cali after 36 years. The constant fees and taxes combined with agenda 21 rules made me look elsewhere. Straw that broke the back was them trying to tax the water I pumped from the well on my land and the regulations on my second amendment push me out.
  14. Fully agree with this point. As the CDC has made the choice of who is first and seems that I am in the last to get section, Over 60 and white male. But that is fine with me as its my body, My choice and they can keep the special sauce for the snowflakes.
  15. Thanks for the good news for a change in all of this swirling crap. Next step is keeping your support up as things move forward, Being a solid rock for her to lean on is very important so thumbs up to you!
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