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  1. xplane

    My '70 Mach

    Powershift, Are those the ford racing boss valve covers with the black paint stripped? X
  2. Im looking at getting the same wheels and size as you. Any problems with fitment.

  3. Im looking at getting the same wheels and size as you. Any problems with fitment.

  4. Im looking at getting the same wheels and size as you. Any problems with fitment.

  5. Engine bay isn't complete, but will post pictures as it comes together.
  6. That is exactly what I did, everything aluminum was anodized black. I applied this treatment to the TCP power steering reservoir. I am going for the low key, no chrome, and no gloss under the hood.
  7. srsfunk, Your car looks great! I love the non flashy theme under the hood, the same look I'm implementing on all my cars. It also seems rare to see a Mach I without a shaker or CJ scoop, looks really clean. I just finished the suspension, brakes, and wheels on my brand X driver. I went with 540 HRE's and am happy with the results. I have not heard of the other brand you mentioned, but they have some fantastic looking wheels. X
  8. Video of the Blue Mach I I remember Rick's 69 Boss back in the early 90's when I lived in San Antonio, back then it had 15" Weld's but still sat very low. I'll see if i can dig up an old picture.
  9. I like the clean look myself, just my opinion. I am going to put a front spoiler on my boss clone, but looking at trimming the stock one down or fabricating a shorter version that will look factory. One thing I do agree looks good on the 69/70's is the black out treatment on the taillight panel and 69 headlight buckets. I plan to incorporate this theme on my 69 Mach I, even though it is not factory correct.
  10. xplane

    AR500 Help

    I weighed one of the rear wheels with a 285/40 Nitto 555, it tipped the scales at a portly 62 lbs. For comparison my 15x8" Minilite with a comparable size Hoosier 25.5x10-15 vintage race tire is 42 lbs! That's 40 lbs of additional unsprung weight on the rear axle! I also have a rear HRE 540 3 piece 18x9.5 wheel with a 285 tire on my '73 Formula which weighed in at 51 lbs.
  11. Great looking car, I love the rare color.
  12. xplane

    AR500 Help

    First two pictures are 17x9.5 with the two different backspacing I previously qouted . Wheel with no tire is 5.5" backspace.
  13. xplane

    AR500 Help

    I have detailed pictures of the Vintiques I will post if any of you AR guys would like to compare. The Vintique wheels are not light, I will weigh them for reference.
  14. xplane

    AR500 Help

    17x8" 245/45 fronts and 17x9.5" 285/40 rears, tires are Nitto 555's. I have the Wheel Vintiques magnum, not the AR500.
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