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  1. I put on a Hedman power steering ram lowering bracket to clear my new headers. It pulled out from the bottom of the frame, bent it and is just dangling there. Grade 8 bolts were used which are ok. Frame couldn't take the stress of the increased force. What can I do now? Other then to weld in a new plate to the bottom of the frame what other options do I have?
  2. There should be bolts inside the engine bay holding it. I replaced mine with a large Heinz Tomato can with two small holes for the lines. Left the Heinz markings on it. Puzzled a lot of people!
  3. When I was changing mine over to a T5 I chatted with Modern Driveline as I thought I had a Mustang pedal (that turned out to be for a Torino). They were talking about making a cable kit to fit other pedals in place instead of the overpriced ones on Ebay. Scott Drake was also thinking about repoping 69-70 clutch pedals.
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