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  1. Can high oil pressure be bad? I drove my car on the weekend and noticed the oil pressure gauge go right to the top past the H mark. The factory gauge usually sits at the 3/4 mark.
  2. Does anyone else have 17" Magnum 500 wheels from Specialty wheels? I purchased a set through Mustangs Plus last year after a 7 month wait due to quality/supplier issues. Within 6 months the chrome started flaking and peeling off the metal. Now the run around begins?
  3. My satellite unit has a line out and volume control. I was thinking I could connect it's line out to the input of an amplifier? Right now the speakers are connected to the radio.
  4. Does any one have Sirius? I have a receiver that I want to hook up. Is there a way I can use it without a radio?
  5. What are your thoughts on these? I have them on my '70 and the ride is rough as can be.
  6. I switched to an electric choke when I installed my headers.
  7. National Parts Depot has a kit for what you want to do. Page 48 part no. 1106-11a Go to their online catalog for a picture.
  8. I just finished doing it. If you are doing it just for the brakes you'd be better off buying a rear disc kit. There are various ones to choose from. I needed to upgrade to a 9" rear axle at the time. It bolted in without any real hassles. The disc brakes were a bonus.
  9. Contact Modern Driveline again. When I was having troubles with my pedal conversion I discovered it wasn't correct. But when I talked directly with M.D. they told me they were in the process of making kits/cables that would work with other years.
  10. When I changed over to a T-5 I had to also look for headers. I had Hedman's 88300 which fit real nice but only fit an automatic. FPA doesn't make units for a cable clutch for 351W cars with World heads. After talking to FPA I went with Hedman 88668.They don't fit as nice, in fact they rub against the pass. side frame rail.
  11. I have no problem with what the guy does with the assemblies. His time is worth something. After all, judging by the pictures it literally is a new piece. I just needed a pedal, didn't need the whole deal.
  12. Just looked on ebay and there were two assemblies listed for $499.99.
  13. I just received an email back from Bruce about my speedo gears so his email is working. Try again.
  14. I found a conversion chart at http://www.fordracingparts.com page 153. I just have to find out my speedo cable gear.
  15. Loosely install it while it's up. Tighten everything after it's at ride height. Did that on mine.
  16. Ready to pull out the '70 and I want to change the speedo over to Kilometres. I run a 255/45/17 tire with an outer diameter of 26.1" 3.70 is the rear gear. What gear do I put in my T-5? There are charts for late models but I haven't seen one for ours.
  17. What is the ideal size for a open element air filter? I was thinking 14 x 3 K and N 66-3040?
  18. Does any one know about a National meet in Toronto, Canada to happen around July/August?
  19. Wherever you order it from tell them what side the bottom outlet of the rad is, forget about saying the year. I've had this happen before when getting one for my '70.
  20. Loosen the bolts on the master cyl and try the pedal. If it pushes the master out it's that if not look at the pedals. My booster only had a rod in it, no liquid to seize.
  21. What makes it 1 of 26? Is it the very rare Flintstone floor?
  22. I put on a Hedman power steering ram lowering bracket to clear my new headers. It pulled out from the bottom of the frame, bent it and is just dangling there. Grade 8 bolts were used which are ok. Frame couldn't take the stress of the increased force. What can I do now? Other then to weld in a new plate to the bottom of the frame what other options do I have?
  23. There should be bolts inside the engine bay holding it. I replaced mine with a large Heinz Tomato can with two small holes for the lines. Left the Heinz markings on it. Puzzled a lot of people!
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