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  1. I changed from a Performer Rpm to a Torker II but mostly because it allowed my shaker to fit correctly. When I take it out of storage I can do a drive test. According to the folks at Edelbrock there should'nt be any major driveability issues.
  2. I'll go out on a limb.. 11.80 to 11.90! Provided there is traction. Otherwise high 12's
  3. When I went to KDW's I got two different tread patterns. Found out there are TT and NT patterns with certain sizes only available in each.
  4. What did you put in? There are no pictures.
  5. Put an meter between the battery and the removed pos cable. Check how many amps you're getting. Do you have a radio that is not switched?
  6. Share some info? I am thinking about installing it on the trans. tunnel as well.
  7. The 4.6 is 9" wider then the 429/460 according this chart.
  8. These are the ones that came with my braided lines. They worked with my car...
  9. I want to go big block in my coupe. Are there web sites showing how to install a 460 into a 'Stang? Has anyone done this before? Is it cheap? Going with manual brakes/steering with an auto trans. Getting the 460 out of a Lincoln.
  10. Before I put my new rims on I had 225/60/15 with a 15x7 on the front. 265/50/15 on the rear with a 15x8 that fit quite nicely. I had some slight rubbing on the outside of the rear tires until I trimmed the quarter lip.
  11. What have you done to your car? The easy way would be to put a 5.4 from that GT into your car!
  12. A quick answer would be to hit the solenoid and unjam it. Or just replace it.
  13. Has anyone tried their front strut setup and their shock tower kit? I was thinking about changing over to a 460 and thought this might give me more room to do so?
  14. I've got a 8.8 out of an 1991 Ranger. Where can I find the width?
  15. Where do you find out about used 'Nascar' motors?
  16. Has anyone used on of these yet? They just released the '69 body and I am curious about getting one.
  17. Try an overdrive. Or taller tires.
  18. Does anyone know if I can put a 2.95 first gear in my 1990 T-5? It came with a 3.35 first that I am finding too steep with my 3.70 rears. Are there any websites showing how to rebuilt these T-5's?
  19. Easy way to check is 69 lights have three wires leading to the light. Where as the 70 has 2. ON the 70 the ground is through the mounting bracket.
  20. My starter has gone kaput. The solenoid has heated to the point the side terminals have melted loose.I have to replace it today and I am confused about what to order. Originally a 302 automatic car that I swapped the starter onto the 351W T-5 5 speed I replaced it with. Now when I inquired about a new one they are asking is it for a manual or automatic car? What are the differences?
  21. http://www.currieenterprises.com/cestore/productsRE.aspx?id=1817
  22. I already have the vacuum canister on the pass. side. I was told it was for my air conditioning? Could it be used for both? I was referring to the canister that would control the throttle though. Or how would the throttle be manipulated?
  23. I thought it could be cruise control but there is nothing under the hood. Think there should be a vacuum can attached to the throttle? Switches should be on or under the dash?
  24. Can anyone identify the round object under my dash? There is also a box on the firewall behind it that I am curious about?
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