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  1. What is involved in removing the heater / AC box assembly under the dash on my 1970? Core was leaking years ago so I unhooked it. Thinking I will just remove the whole assembly and be done with it.
  2. Pulled this carb from the garage hoping it install it on an engine I have been working on. But the throttle plates are seized stuck. Any ideas on what I can do ?
  3. Went with a flaming river unit when I replaced mine. Back before I knew about this site.
  4. I did the 3G conversion. Just wrapped up the wires afterwards.
  5. Pressure treated. Better to deal with the high tire pressures I run.
  6. Maybe send him a direct message. They might not see it here.
  7. Mine is a short 4x4 block of wood.
  8. Yes, Holy crap. Cannot believe you're that close.
  9. Great progress. Wasn't the coupe salvageable ?
  10. Welcome ! Ask away. There are plenty of great knowledgeable people on here. I've learned a lot.
  11. Could you use the remote inside the car to lock and unlock ?
  12. What did Chrysler use in the 1970s ? Remember just pulling up the knob would lock or unlock the others ?
  13. What mods can be done to the AOD to better it ? Already have the AOD.
  14. That’s why we could use some warm weather. I’m about two hours east of where you work up here. Actually I usually spend my winters near Owen Sound. We don’t get much snow here. As for the car I’m transplanting the driveline out of an 89 LX 5.0 into this Zephyr. Not modifying the engine much. More the suspension with lightweight K Frame and other bits.
  15. That’s what I thought. With the battery put in the trunk and maybe some aluminum bits I’m hoping it gets close. Can you bring some warm southern air next time you’re heading up this way !?
  16. Picture with the blue arrow is not stock. My factory A/C car looks just like the other black interior piece.
  17. Thanks. Made me do some more looking. Found out it weighs aprox 385. Converting a fox body Zephyr from a 6 to a 5.0 302.
  18. Trying to locate the weight of a 200 6Cyl engine.
  19. Nice colours. Just need that redhead around it.
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