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  1. On 3/31/2022 at 1:32 PM, mikee said:

    After a while some parts arrived to my eshop, so I was able to start put the car together. I bought Scott Drake lowering kit for rear end, installed tank and sending unit and modified tail lights with LED modules.   





    Where did you get the LED modules ? Want LED tail lights for my 65 El Camino.

  2. Did my 1965 El Camino a few years ago with an updated harness from American auto wire.  Previous owners really butchered the wiring. Had some smoke from under the dash while coming back from the Syracuse nationals and made up my mind. 

    Took it in small batches. American auto wire was there on the phone whenever the paperwork didn’t make sense. Last summer the wipers stopped and they helped me through emails and calls. 

    It is a big step all together. But easily manageable in small tasks. I’d do it again. But I had the car for about 10 years before that happened. 

    Drive it first. Enjoy the experience 

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