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  1. DP90 followed up with Monstaliner rolled on Dark Gray
  2. I forgot that you should have received 2 metal plates to fill that gap
  3. Here is a shot of mine ! I don’t have pic from back but yours looks good
  4. i installed a prothane tranny mount on my 1966 fairlane 390 4speed toploader bolted right in with no modification.
  5. just did same my 66 fairlaine; thought it needed washer but just had to turn clip over and it has no play what so ever
  6. I have a 70 mach 1 and that black wire if I remember correctly shares the pin with a purple wire. It goes to nothing!(listed in the wiring diagram as a blind circuit for testing purposes during production) I looks like the previous owner cut a ground wire. I initially grounded mine and my fuel gauge didn't work. I checked all my gauges with a drill battery before i tried to install to make sure they were working. Also I found info in another thread that you must also ground the entire cluster which is done through the mounting screws or the gauges won't work. Hopefully this will save you a lot hrs. of headaches. Let us know how you make out
  7. just had same problem with turn signals and gauges, after weeks of headaches it was something as simple as sanding the terminals at the fusebox! Also had all gauges not reading it was the black wire with the violet resistance wire i mistaken it for a ground, also the post on my gauges were touching the housing the black wire is for some kind of testing purposes. Wiring kicked my ass ! I I bought a parts harness of flea bay for 40 dollars because my ignition switch connection was melted on both sides and also replaced my ignition switch. A good source for a turn signal switch is Auto part sales in Colorado mfg. by shee-mar( american made) for $72.80 every one else wants over $100 for chinese crap. THis is for a 1970 Mach 1. PS my buddy just put a tranny in a Toyota Solera to save over $500 in labor.
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