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  1. Car Guys Inc. is going to the The Glen! On May 7th and 8th (Wednesday and Thursday of the first week of May). I talked to the owner today and got the approval to offer a $50 discount, so registration is now $425 for both days which includes 4 hours of driving time (2 hours each day). All you need is a car in good order and a helmet (there are helmets on site, but are in limited supply). This is not a race event so their are no roll cage or harness requirement rules except for convertible vehicles (track rules). So this is your chance to go on a legendary race track and have a once in a lifetime experience! Registration deadline is April 24th, late registration is available but subject to availability. Registration form PDF (right click and save) Tech Inspection form PDF (right click and save) (I know the tech sheet says 2003, but hey, not much has changed) I would love to see some of you fellas on the track, so I'm not the only classic car out there!
  2. I ran these wheels for a few years on my Vic. I have upgraded the brakes so that I can no longer use 15" wheels so they must go. I have sand blasted them for selling, and there is a detailed description with lots of large pics. Hope they find a happy home! eBay Linky
  3. I thought only the 4 lug wheels had that smaller hub. 67-73 don't have the 4 lug right? The wheels I have now are for a 67-73 Mustang.
  4. You know, the hubs on those are the same as the hubs on the mustang. So any wheel you bolt to your stang will bolt to your Town Car. If you want more info on the TC, come on by www.grandmarq.net. And about the Cobra valve covers clearing the 1.7 ratio rockers. That is true, and also, the stamped steel valve covers from 86 up. They are identical to the Cobra valve covers except they don't have COBRA stapped into them. I searched for a long time for a set of stock Cobra covers, and when I fould the set they were identical to mine, so I just used mine with the 1.7 rollers. And that Cobra oil pan is by far the coolest oil pan I have ever seen!
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