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  1. If you live near Raleigh nc check with Scotty on Craigslist in Oxford, he has every part I have ever asked for on my 69 stang
  2. No prob , just trying to find someone with the c3 part number to check when splines start
  3. I need to know on the front slip yoke how far down do the splines start on c3az-4841-d? I have a front slip yoke c5aw-4868-a. The splines start about 3 inches down. Just want to make sure they are the same 302-c4-9 inch
  4. That's what I got 3.25 gear 24.16 tire height 8 teeth drive gear, I will give it a shot, thanks for the link
  5. I just changed from 275 gears to 325 gears and of course speedometer is now off, anyone know what speedo gear I should C4 215/60/r14 325 gears
  6. You can always try scotty in oxford nc. He is always cutting up 69/70 mustang for parts. You can find him on www.craigslist.com in raleigh nc area. Search for 69 mustang and look for him in oxford. he sells seats and other 69/70 parts. i have been to his house and he has everything there. tons of mustangs parts and cars. he does not ship alot of stuff but he may be able to help you out.
  7. Here is my motor, it is a 302 with 351 heads. This was from the thread http://www.1969stang.com/mustang/forum/showthread.php?t=12014
  8. Depending on where you live, there is a guy in oxford NC that parts out old mustangs. He probably has one that he can cut off a car but you would have to pick it up.
  9. You can find him on Craigslist in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel hill just do a search for 1969 mustang he is in Oxford. If u ever visit it is like a mustang heaven......he has cars u can only dream of and if u are on Facebook he finds mustangs every week and post pics of them before he parts them out. I have been up there a few times....
  10. I would also check you seals for the trunk and tail lights. I had a very bad gas smell in my car when driving (only with windows down)and I found that one of my tail lights was not tight so it did not seal. So with the windows down it created a vacuum to the trunk. I tightened the left tail light back up and now no smell at all. Hope you find yours!
  11. correct me if I am wrong but the one that connects to the dash panel as shown in the picture is a map light (now the make a repop for) the one he is showing is the actual glove box light that hard mounts to the metal dash. My 69 has both the map light and the glove box light.
  12. I would like to know also if one of the set up would be a direct swap. I don't mind changing a few pulleys.
  13. My 69 fastback has the two piece unit. There is a small hole to the upper left of my glove box in the dash for the switch and the light mounts directly to the dash just to the right of the clock at the top of the glove box. I have a picture of the switch but I may have the dash off later and if I do I will post a pic of the light. [ATTACH]14908[/ATTACH]
  14. I would just set up a watch list and have it notify if one is posted. If you are in no hurry one will pop up cheap that is what I did.
  15. I got one off of ebay for about $15 including switch. They pop up everyone once and awile
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