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  1. I'm in Seattle, Wa. I'll sell the whole setup with the new 31 spline axles for $1900. You'll save $600 over what everything cost me.
  2. I'm going to convert my 70 Mach 1 rear suspension to an 03/04 cobra IRS so I am selling my 9" rear end. It has a brand new, never been used 31 spline Strange center section with 3.25 gears and a tru track differential. It also has a brand new rear disk brake kit on it and new 31 spline axles. I can sell it all together, separately or trade for a 03/04 cobra IRS, let me know if you are interested.
  3. Not sure the mileage on everything that was listed without a mileage given, it was on the car when I bought it, but everything is in excellent working condition, car was very well taken care of and always garaged.
  4. I'm in the process of changing the front suspension to the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame and rear to TCP coil overs and no longer need the front suspension, brakes, steering and rear suspension from my 70 Mach 1 Mustang. Here is what I have: Front suspension Sway bar Strut Rods Upper Control Arms Lower Control Arms 620 coil springs - ~ 1000 miles on them $50 KYB shocks Roller Spring Perchs ~ 1000 miles on them $100 Front power disk brakes Spindles - Sold Calipers and pads Rotors Power steering Flaming River steering gearbox - Sold Everything else that's part of the power steering minus pump - $250 Rear suspension 4.5 leaf reverse eye leaf springs - less than 100 miles on them - $125 KYB shocks Might have sway bar, have to double check
  5. I only care about street drivability. I want a comfortable ride that can handle well. I want something comparable to a modern sports car. Not a 90's sports car, but a new sports car. I don't want to end up spending all the money on a TCI type suspension and not be satisfied when I could have spend a couple grand more on something like the Roadster Shop suspension. I also don't want to spend an extra two grand on the Roadster Shop suspension if I won't even notice a difference between it and a TCI type suspension.
  6. You have me seriously looking into that Roadster Shop Suspension. After Pricing everything out, the Roadster Shop setup would cost me about 2k more than the Rod & Custom, but there is probably 2k worth of performance upgrades between the two. The Detroit Speed also looks really nice, but it would cost about another 2k over the roadster shop suspension and I don't know if there is 2k worth of upgrades over the Roadster Shop.
  7. It doesn't look like that suspension would work with a Mod motor. I need to either remove or notch the shock towers.
  8. I've narrowed down my choices to AJE or R&C for my coyote conversion. The goal is a comfortable daily driver that will have 400-600rwhp. I want it to handle like a new mustang on the street, I won't be taking it to the track. Which setup do you guys think I should go with and why?
  9. Car is at my painters, I'll send more when I get it back
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