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  1. old saying.... get what ya pay for. limited use, ya harbor freight is good. If i rely on the tool - Northern Supply
  2. I have a set of the mounting brackets from the quarter panels if ya need those....
  3. Vic, I have a set in the trawl space and live in Raleigh. Let me check on them tomorrow and PM ya
  4. Price quoted shows they don't want to do the job is what I see.. not unless their labor rate is $150+ per hour... plugs $350? takes 45 min at best.
  5. Weather should be good Mid 70's. Saturday AM ill be working on a 65 mustang restoration, Might be there Sun AM You showing or just attending?
  6. Prayers1, With my shaker, I had to use a ball peen hammer on the air cleaner base and expand the notch that is there for the distributor to accept the larger MSD dist. cap. The 6AL unit is drivers side between cowl inner fender like 69Mach1 mounted his " I mounted mine in the engine compartment on the drivers side inner fender between the shock tower and the radiator support"
  7. smh00n, 4+ years ago in Aussie $ =~ $.8USD. Ya guys frigging killed it Same time our favorite neighbors and still POME's in my view, Canada was a ForEx rate of 1.15% or $1USD = $1.15Cnd Just wait..it probably will change again toward your favor in the next 3+ yrs
  8. yep, see the same thing. This winter didn't help either.....
  9. beyond the unit itself. Suggest getting a Harbor Freight IR Temp gun for ~$25 when they go on sale. Check the temp when car is hot at base of sender and then compare to the gauge. http://www.harborfreight.com/non-contact-infrared-thermometer-with-laser-targeting-69465-8905.html I fought temp issues for months on a SBC and I needed a solid reading to align with temp gauge to insure that I had the proper sending unit.
  10. On on of my other car (SBC), I had a cooling issue, thought about the flex but gave up due to; 1.) Noise, 2.) cools at idle and city driving but, 3.) at highway speed it is restrictive and effectively a blocking device between radiator and engine. So I went from a 5 blade to 7 blade w clutch and the car nows floats around 180 to 200 degrees. For the Mach1 ended up going with a "pusher fan" on the outside of radiator as the serp/ March system did not give me the clearance I needed on the inside of radiator. To augment the fan I added a new thermostat housing ($20 from NPD) in order to put a 180 degree sensor in it and have the car wired so at 180+ the fan comes on automatically and shuts down around 170.. All good. If I drove 50,000 mile per yr I would have gone fan/ clutch but the Mach1 might see 2k per year max so I'm not worried about the issue of life expectancy... the price you pay to make the car run great and look good i figured........
  11. I did something different... I have an antenna mounted in the trunk, actually laying in trunk well on right side. A small replacement rubber/ plastic one about 18". Ran the coax through the sill plate on pass side under dash to radio. Works great, nothing to worry about and invisible unless trunk is open
  12. looks good..... BTW - What wheel/ tire combo is that?
  13. Somebody better save the Hot Chicks and the Mustang Gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.1969stang.com/g1/hotchix
  14. coz, choices, choices, choices..... a continutation is a true differentiator in the world of Cobra's being above the kits, original tooling and hold value more so. ques is have you ever been in a long ride in a Cobra? top down only... Did ya check out the aluminum body Kirkhams? Built in Czech from site where MIGS were built back when. Work of art! re a new car. The GT350R was just released Monday and is a true track car. no back seat, AC etc. Carbon Fiber wheels. brakes etc.... myself, I hope to get one of the 1,200 new Ford GT's in two years when they roll.... might have to trade mine and the house in against it though. It to is more of a race car in design and cost. Good luck on what ever you do and thanks for the help in the past. One thing I know is that life is way to short and I'll maximize the time I've been given
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