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  1. Sorry, I neglected to put the location in the post. My car is located in NC close to the Virginia border on I85. The town is Oxford NC.
  2. I am selling a 69 Q code Mach-1. Its a project car but is well worth the effort. This car has been off the road since 92. The car has always been a southern car and has its original,block,heads,crank,rods and pistons. The block is standard bore. It is a very early production 69 from the Metuchen NJ plant. Car has both original fiberglass 1/4 end caps which were only on early 69 cars. The car also has its original body buck tag as well. Original color was silver jade with a black mach-1 interior. Car was painted resale red back in the 80's. Asking 18K. I have a deluxe Marti as well. Please P/M me for additional information and photos.
  3. Looking for a nice used or NOS license plate bracket. Please p/m me with condition and price. Thanks
  4. That would be very interesting to know. Thanks
  5. i have an early Metuchen car that was built on 9/1/68 and they are fiberglass. Sounds like all 3 plants started out fiberglass and switched over to the pot metal after a few months of production. I suppose it's possible to have one of each on a production car but I think all the ford replacement parts were pot metal. If a car was hit in either corner then I would think it would get a pot metal replacement part. Anyone out there an original owner with no collision history that has 1 of each on their fastback? That may pinpoint the date of the switchover. Interesting stuff for sure. Thanks for all the reply's.
  6. Thanks for the info. Could it be that most of the 69 production fastback 1/4 end caps were fiberglass?
  7. The early production 1/4 end caps are fiberglass. Does anyone know when they were switched to cast metal? Since there were 3 plants I am guessing they may have all changed over at different dates?
  8. Looks good. I will take them. Just let me know how you would like the payment. Thanks, Bob
  9. Looking for pair of original ford front bumper guards for my 69. I believe 70 would be the same. Thanks
  10. I have a Black Jade(now white) S code 69 Mach-1 for sale. The car now has a small block 4-speed now but a 390 short block comes with the car. If interested e-mail me at fordcars@nc.rr.com The car is originally from California but now resides in North Carolina.
  11. I have an extra one if you are still looking. Feel free to e-mail me at fordcars@nc.rr.com
  12. Chris, I sent you an e-mail with the contact info on the car,Thanks
  13. I am listing this car for a friend. He wants to sell his 69 S code Mach-1. Its an original red car with a black interior, S code 390 4V with a factory 4 speed. There is 91,000 miles on the odometer and I believe this is the original mileage. The car has Power Steering,Power disk brakes and factory tach. I can provide pictures and any information needed to help in the sale. Asking price is 20K.
  14. Do you still have the washer reservoir?
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