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  1. Sorry just have those pieces. I'm sure you can buy the other individual pieces you need though.
  2. Thanks. I thought so, I just never want to lead someone in the wrong direction so if I'm not 100% I wont say so. :)
  3. Got some part numbers. Not all the pieces have nunbers though. The 1 longer piece in the picture is actually 2 pieces but neither has a number. It all sure as hell looks like the 69 dash parts but I haven't looked the numbers up yet. C9ZA19B923-A C9ZA19B737-A
  4. 3 pieces. That's a second picture of the same hoses. There aren't 6 hoses in the dash. The 4th piece is the third picture down. Please check your car to make sure these are the pieces you need. I'm fairly certain they were from a 69 parts car but its been 15 years so my memory evades me.
  5. I take that back. I think the 4th piece is the floor vent.
  6. 3 pipes and then the square center piece which I believe is the defrost. I'm open to offers.
  7. Pretty sure a 69 coupe but I can't say 100 percent. There are probably some numbers on them I can look up. Ill try to check later today.
  8. How do you like how the flux welds with gas? Granted mine is only a 110v so I'm not sure it will compare but just curious.
  9. Thanks I'll check that out. Much appreciated.
  10. Well I have a $400 Lincoln Electric Flux core 110v now. It's actually pretty dang good for what it is. But even if I bought a better and proper welder for the job, I would not want to practice my first job doing frame repair haha. I think my best bet at this point is to find a friend or even hire someone to come out to the car once I'm ready for a few welds. The car needs somewhere around $10,000 in frame repair easily. Bad as that sounds it's all in the time taking it all apart. so I think if I can do that myself I should be able to get this done for less than $2,000. I think the car will need a quarter out back too because someone globed body filler all over to the point where the seam from rocker to quarter is non existent. So unfortunately I'll be destroying my paint job cutting that out, but maybe I can get someone to blend it best they can, or maybe put a retro 60's vinyl graphic over the primer until I can afford a repaint. Cheesy I know, but we do what we have to. What's a shame is the paint on the car is actually pretty nice. A cheaper repaint I did 10+ years ago, but it looks good. One of those it looks nice but I'm also not afraid to drive the car type deals. All my body panels have some sort of rust on them so a door ding although I would be upset, would not be the end of the world.
  11. Passenger side front window mounts are gone, only the one driver side piece remains. All window channels and regulators are also still available as well as window mounts that are still on the tracks.
  12. Haha thanks for the thought but I wasn't probing for someone here to help. Just talking out loud.
  13. I agree; generally I do the same. I buy the tools and learn myself. I've got a fair amount now but nothing like what a shop would have. Ill have to see if I can find someone willing to help me out.
  14. I like that idea. I think that's the route I may go. It should save the $10k in labor to do all this and then I also know it's done right. I'm starting to rethink my profession after seeing the labor rates these shops charge.
  15. I'll take a look for you tonight and let you know. I know 3M makes glue for the glue in glass. I had one guy who used it with good results. By the way sorry it took so long to respond. Apparently I wasn't set up to get notifications when someone posted.