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  1. Quite a bit of it. Things with the pictures deleted are gone. But what were you interested in?
  2. Bump. Just had a massive unexpected bill come my way. Anyone need anything?
  3. Bump for the 55" housing. I'm knocking $100 off to get it gone. This is a steal for all the work done to this thing. $550 picked up. I can ship but you have to pay freight. Depending where you're at freight will be $125-$175 most likely.
  4. Bump. Anyone interested in taking everything I have left? Take it all at once and I'll cut the prices in half.
  5. 56.25" sold; 55" still available as of now.
  6. Bump! Still have a lot left, open to offers.
  7. 6 blade fan sold.
  8. I know there are some winter projects out there that need one of these. Just the time alone saved is worth it.
  9. I'm open to offers guys, just want the stuff to go to good use instead of sitting in my basement.
  10. Bump. Running out of space in my shop. Need these gone asap.
  11. Shipping will be somewhere around 125-200 most likely depending how far you are from NJ.