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  1. 100% agree. I love seeing original 6 cylinder cars. The V8 swaps are just overdone these days. My car was already swapped when I got it so my factory drivetrain was long gone. I actually believe my car was an original automatic car with a vinyl top, which I would think is also fairly rare for a 250 I6 car. Someone bought a base model car and added a lot of options, although I do believe it was a standard interior with buckets. Boy how I wish I had my original door tag :(
  2. This was the info I was looking for! Thanks a bunch. I had a feeling my common little 250 coupe may have been something different. Not that it makes it worth anymore but it does make me love my old girl that much more. As many 6's these days there's not much original left about the car, but none the less it's a cool little fact. Maybe one of these days I'll get the full report to get the actual breakdown.
  3. Yes I did the google search before posting. I also agree a 69 coupe with a 250 is not rare. But one with factory ac I am talking. Heck the 69 sportsroof with a 250 is super rare. What was it the E something or other, I think they made under 100 of them.
  4. Kind of a bizarre question but it does stem from somewhere. Does anyone know how rare a 69 coupe with a 250 auto and factory AC is? I had sold an engine fan to a guy who said it was an extremely rare fan and it seems to be, because I had a very hard time finding one and when I did it was selling for a stupid amount of money. Come to find out it must have been the original fan off my car (kind of pissed I sold it now). But I basically gave it to him and I'm thinking I may not have known what I had. Either way curiosity has gotten the best of me. I had a very hard time even finding info on the fan itself and am now thinking maybe this was a very rare combo.
  5. Battery tray sold. Pictures are dead thanks to photobucket charging now to host pictures. No way I'm paying for their service considering how slow and horrible their website is. Anyway if anyone wants pictures of anything just message me.
  6. Sorry just have those pieces. I'm sure you can buy the other individual pieces you need though.
  7. Thanks. I thought so, I just never want to lead someone in the wrong direction so if I'm not 100% I wont say so. :)
  8. Got some part numbers. Not all the pieces have nunbers though. The 1 longer piece in the picture is actually 2 pieces but neither has a number. It all sure as hell looks like the 69 dash parts but I haven't looked the numbers up yet. C9ZA19B923-A C9ZA19B737-A
  9. 3 pieces. That's a second picture of the same hoses. There aren't 6 hoses in the dash. The 4th piece is the third picture down. Please check your car to make sure these are the pieces you need. I'm fairly certain they were from a 69 parts car but its been 15 years so my memory evades me.
  10. I take that back. I think the 4th piece is the floor vent.
  11. 3 pipes and then the square center piece which I believe is the defrost. I'm open to offers.
  12. Pretty sure a 69 coupe but I can't say 100 percent. There are probably some numbers on them I can look up. Ill try to check later today.
  13. How do you like how the flux welds with gas? Granted mine is only a 110v so I'm not sure it will compare but just curious.
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