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    69RavenConv got a reaction from vanscooter in 1969 power convertible top w/glass window for sale   
    Pretty highly optioned car! Somebody paid extra for those goodies 50 years ago.
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    69RavenConv got a reaction from RPM in Stereo ideas for convertible   
    That's probably the most logical, sensible idea I've heard in a long time.
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    69RavenConv reacted to Hux in Stereo ideas for convertible   
    So many of us don’t want to cut up the interior to mount speakers yet want some level of music when we are out driving.
    Has anyone else considered something like a Bose Sounlink Mini 2? - my thoughts were have an original radio in the car for appearance and just use the phone with a streaming service playing through a halfway decent portable Bluetooth speaker which could sit on the dash top with a bit of hook and loop tape holding it.
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    69RavenConv reacted to Caseyrhe in Engine Tag ID help   
    8 per head
    ”S” on the CI intake 

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    69RavenConv reacted to Ridge Runner in 1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top   
    Edges folded over ,holly crap ,its going to work !!!! The under brace is clamped in 

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    69RavenConv reacted to aslanefe in 69 Vert project   
    May be the brackets were not glued to correct spots thus limiting the adjustment.
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    69RavenConv reacted to SparkyGT in SNOW !!   
    damn snow today, first time using the snowblower in septmember, usually dont need it till december, in southern alberta btw
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    69RavenConv reacted to Ridge Runner in When you think you’re cool.   
    I have a 69 hood ,and the 71-73 is on its way. I am going to peel the skin on the 69 and re place with the 71 -73 skin . The trick will be using the under pocket for the ram air in the 71 -73 under brace and welding it into the 69 under brace .i plan on smooting in the scoops ,then pull a mold 
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    69RavenConv reacted to Ridge Runner in 69 Vert project   
    Very nice !
    The brackets do keep the end of the bumper from flopping around
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    69RavenConv reacted to TinMan in It is Time   
    Funny how you forget stuff. I completely forgot about this 70 notch back I owned for maybe 6 months in Houston around maybe 1985??. Was just looking at old pictures.
    Was a factory shaker, 4 bbl and 4 gear. I wasn't making enough money to rub two nickels together and simply couldn't afford to keep it running. One of my proudest moments in life was when my beautiful bride grabbed major 2nd gear rubber in this car! Really wish I kept it, but I don't see how it would have been possible with just starting out life and upcoming family. It's a good memory.

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    69RavenConv reacted to TinMan in It is Time   
    That was kinda cool. I realize my Mach is pretty  beat up, but you don't see many originals...

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    69RavenConv reacted to stangs-R-me in Conv. top switch   
    1969 has TWO switch holes
    1970 has only ONE centered switch hole
    1969 options included Cruise, Power Top, and Rear Window De-Fog Blower (Hardtop only).
    1970 options included Fog Lights (Mach 1 only), Power Top, and Rear Window De-Fog Blower (Hardtop only).
    Pretty sure that is it.
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    69RavenConv reacted to Vicfreg in Remembering 9-11-2001   
    At one time, I worked in the #2 World Trade Center (South Tower) on the 87th floor.  Years later, on 9-11-2001, colleagues and friends perished in the terrorist attack  Remembering them today.
    Thoughts and prayers go to all the families who were impacted by this tragic event.  WGI was an Engineering company that today is part of AECOM.  The legacy company I worked for had people from the 78th to the 92 floor on #2WTC.

        Alan Bondarenko, WGI

        Carlos Cortes, WGI

        Robert J. DeAngelis, WGI

        Frank De Martini, Port Authority of NY & NJ

        Ulf R. Ericson, WGI

        James Gartenberg WGI

        Julien J. Studley, WGI

        Peter Gyulavary, WGI

        Vassilios G. Haramis, WGI

        Frederick Kuo Jr., WGI

        Ming Hao Liu, WGI

        Jan Maciejewski, IT consultant .

        Rocco Medaglia, G.M.P. Inc.

        Frank V. Moccia, WGI

        Emelda Perry, WGI

        Anthony Portillo, WGI

        Patricia Puma, WGI

        Luis C. Revilla, WGI

        Oleh D. Wengerchuk, WGI

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    69RavenConv reacted to Ridge Runner in Always make sure you use the proper fuses   
    Today he is pulling a motor 

  16. Haha
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    69RavenConv reacted to aslanefe in Door alignment   
    Hope OP does not mind.
    It attaches in place of the jack pad. Made with parts from a swing set and a piece of square tubing. Door sits on the 2x4 so the edge of it does not get damaged. I also put some padding on the wood before I put the door on it. If you balance the door, it does not tip over. Use the bungee chords to squeeze/hold the door between posts after I load the door with the hinged posts down. I install/adjust doors alone with it.

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    69RavenConv reacted to kevin31 in 69 gt sr   
    Hi there!! 
    Done some photo shooting with my friend close to my place... 
    I am still waiting the ones with the girls. 
    I managed to catch only one with the iphone...No worries, the trunk is OK :) :)

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    69RavenConv reacted to Silverjade in My car is 51 today   
    If I'm reading the date code correctly, today is 51 years since that glorious day in Metuchen.
    (I winder if that is an oxymoron) :)
    P.S. Dog is not original equipment

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    69RavenConv reacted to Vicfreg in Learning to drive a stick ?   
    Wow...too funny......
    This is shifting...….watch the whole thing, not long...vintage Ford Racing video....
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    69RavenConv reacted to Midlife in Blinker switch plug   
    Uncle Bob!  How's Aunt Ethel doing these days?  Long time since I've heard from you so I take you're now out on parole?  Good for you! 
    Your favorite nephew, Mid.
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    69RavenConv got a reaction from RPM in Nice Clean Up   
    Spammers have gotten a little more aggressive recently.
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    69RavenConv reacted to Midlife in Nice Clean Up   
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    69RavenConv reacted to lanky in Found a free '69 Coupe   
    Someone take this, the guy has it listed for free!!!
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    69RavenConv reacted to Midlife in What should I fix first?   
    What to fix first?
    Make sure your checkbook and/or savings account is 3x larger than what you think it needs to be.
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