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  1. Really like the rear bumper fit. That looks great!
  2. Here is two of mine, for your consideration.
  3. The last cd's I had in the stereo were Slayer Raining Blood, Pantera Live and Iron Maiden Live. Now I use Pandora radio on my phone plugged into the stereo. Usually Slipknot radio or Pantera radio. They both play a good mix of what I want to listen to. I have been a faithful metal head since the 80's. Plus as a side benefit it keeps the neighbors away.
  4. Lol I've been around just don't post much.
  5. The fit is way better for a custom one. Find a local chassis shop that does this kind of work and talk to them. Look at their work and ask questions! In the end you will have something that fits the car and is safer for you and make the car stronger in the end.
  6. If that had fit a 63 Mercury comet, I'd a bought that! Great work!
  7. Do you two know you guys are gonna cost me more money? Lol! Very cool side project that I can see in my future.
  8. Preload is when the cross bolt on top of the spring is tight to the spring and is applying pressure to the spring. Preload will stiffen the suspension. Since you are having a problem "I" would unhook the shocks, loosen the front eye bolt and the shackle bolts. Adjust the CalTracs so that the cross bolt is off of the spring as much as you can and bounce the rear of the car. It should bounce freely and a lot, like 4-5 inches. Did you grease all the bolts and bushings when you installed them? Did you have the bolts in the shackles and front eye tight? They should be just snug, nylock nuts are the best in these applications. ^^^ these are important^^^ Hook back up shocks and set to full soft, both settings. Bounce the car again to see if it is better. Adjust the CalTracs to 1/4"-3/8" gap and drive the car. And see what you have. Sometimes it is better to go back to the beginning and start over. Something is bound up and by going over everything it is easier to find the issue.
  9. 1978 Ford Granada, yea I know.... It had a 302 and a stick shift. Put all the teenage kid stuff on it. Cragars, air shocks, dual exhaust that exited in front of the rear tires. Was a really nice car and it ran good enough to surprise people from time to time. Traded it in on a 79 f-250 4x4 after I got snowed in one too many times.
  10. How do you have the CalTracs adjusted? Do you have preload in them or a gap? Did you set them up with your weight in the drivers seat?
  11. On the I Pad you have the options, at least I do.
  12. 15" Convo Pro's top pic is with 28"tall front tire, bottom pic is 26" tall front tire.
  13. This is how I modified the compressor I borrowed from Advance Auto. This works.
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