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  1. Agree on the 408 Stroker. Great torque (not real easy on the gas.........)
  2. Stu, Yes, it is available. Tried to PM you. Message wouldn't go through. Rich 517-263-4751
  3. Original Trap Door - needs to be refinished. Was painted brown on back with some runs in the paint. Some scuffs on front. Includes latch and kickstand/prop rod, which have been painted as well. Asking $225 plus $25 shipping. PM with questions.
  4. For Sale- Interior wraparound upper quarter trim. New, never mounted. $150 + $20 packing/shipping. https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_panel_set_quarter_side_trim_black-143041-306.html
  5. Thanks! The car was there about 13 months. Got it back home last week... few more items and should be good to go this month,,,,,,,,, Thanks!
  6. Getting close - seats and getting things dialed in.............
  7. More progress. Custom console by MTF fits great.
  8. Check out the video. Actually, it was somewhat difficult because I originally had a roll bar installed without checking clearance, so I had to cut that out and start over. After that, easy. http://forum.mustangstofear.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=589
  9. New door panels. Originals were standard interior door panels. Used the Mustang to Fear ABS inserts, since I wasn't trying to restore anything
  10. Rich and his crew at Mustangs to Fear have produced all the interior panels - roll bar, one piece headliner, rear quarter trim pieces and rear trap door panel and trim. They have been great to work with!!
  11. It's been a while, but getting relatively close
  12. Takes time to get it right! Thanks for all the detail.
  13. Got to thinking about that after it was painted. Should have known when I picked the colors, especially since I am an M grad.
  14. Thanks for the complements. Don't know if this will be done in the next couple of months or not. Don't really want to think about transporting it during the winter, though.
  15. Starting to put the parts and pieces back together. In case you're wondering - no, the 80's Keystone wheels will not make the cut.
  16. A little more progress on the paint and striping. Rich and his crew have done great work with the fit and paint.
  17. Interesting for a 69, since there are no quarter panel scoops. So, either those were filled in, was a boss body, which would have been a shame not to restore, or more likely a 70 body with a 69 rear panel and front fenders and grille.
  18. Thanks Sven. Been following yours as well. Great work. Power tour next year?
  19. Dashes Direct dash pad. W/O AC Never mounted. New in box
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