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  1. Thanks for the response, it may be worth the shot. My dad’s car really is/was a rare one. It’s the yellow one in my avatar, with bench seats with the super deluxe interior. His had a bunch of weird extras that my V8 didn’t. We think it was a special order with dealer mods.
  2. First, thanks for all the help so far on my 69. I’ve been able to get it running and doing burnouts in the driveway thanks to a lot of the help I’ve gotten from here. I’m trying to do a little refresh on my pop’s 69 mustang he has a 250 with a carter RBS 1bbl carb and I’m trying to find a good kit to overhaul the carb and also trying to find a points conversion kit. I’ve been unsuccessful in finding any of this stuff from stores or brands I know. Do any of you guys have any pointers?
  3. Perfect! Shims are needed then it seems... many thanks good sir!
  4. Greetings all! i hope you all may be able to help me out. I’m soooo close to getting my mustang back on the road and I’m at the last bits. So I have a ‘94 roller set up and due to machining the valve train geometry is no longer stock. My question is what should I set my preload to past 0 lash on the heel of the cam? Is there a number of turns I should be? Right now with 6.143” rods I have 2-3 full turns which seems a bit much. Thoughts?
  5. Cool! I’ll roll with that! Much appreciated
  6. Greetings! So after a long 2-3 year slumber the mustang is finally waking up. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is clean up the spark plug wire routing. I’ve got a 94 mustang roller block which I believe has the 351w firing order. So those with this firing order, how where did you put #1 on the distributor so the wires aren’t all cris-crossed and looking like a rats nest?
  7. Great to know! I’ll make sure I build a knuckle with rotor and calipers and run over to team 3 wheels to check clearance
  8. this is great info. now to gather parts.... thanks a million folks!!
  9. no sh!t? That's GREAT to know. How do I know if i got the "big bearing" spindles for 1970 when i buy them? is that a naming thing? Thanks Nathan!
  10. Not sure if you all know but it seems like SSBC went belly up I have been running their Com R kit for years loved it. But now I have a seized caliper and don’t have a way to rebuild it. So it seems I will be going OEM+ now. FML more $ down the drain In any case, is there a vehicle that has bolt on brakes that are bigger than the stock ones? I want to be able to service this in the future and not be locked into and aftermarket company. I’m open to ideas that do NOT include Wilwood. thanks!
  11. 70769


    How much for that sweet license plate frame? Haha Seriously 😒
  12. Did you just cut the hard lines and tie the rubber hoses into them? I've always liked the way your setup looks
  13. RPM, I've wanted to keep it in front of the condenser I was hoping down low between the bumper and valance, but, I have always liked Fvike's setup
  14. I went with 4.5 leafs with a mid-eye and cut 7/8 of one coil in the front. I have RCD shocks front and rear so the ride is nice, firm not too bouncy or harsh and I'm running 215/70/14's
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