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  1. Any new Progress? This looks like it's going to be a wicked cool car to drive...
  2. As a somewhat local, our "jungle primary, top 2 advance" system meant that last time Pelosi was up for re-election, the only other choice on the ballot made Pelosi look like Rand Paul.
  3. I've always used a spring compressor to compress the spring when doing ball joints, I'm sure this was quicker at the dealership though, as they could leave the shock and spring in place. You better trust your welds though, or you'll be wearing the spring when it fails. From what that page looks like ford intended these as a tool for keeping the suspension loaded to change ball joints without complete disassembly not for general lifting of the cars. If you needed them to lift the car, at least 1 would have been with the jack tools in the trunk.
  4. I was suffering withdrawal, and starting to get worried.
  5. as an offshoot, since my boys are curious- Do your schools graduate/change grades with a long break from June-August, or is it from November to February?
  6. We stipulated in our offer that the lift was to convey. The seller told us that made them know we were the right buyers who would appreciate and enjoy what they had built.
  7. Happy Day! Escrow just closed on our new place, has the standard 2 car attached, and has this in the back: 24x36 with a 10' tall door on the front, and a lift inside. Now I can finally bring the mustang home, and actually start working on it for the first time in 15 years...
  8. Thanks, I think Pick and pull would be cheaper than the fuel to come down there... I'm hoping I find something local, although the thought of 4 doughnut spares is at least low rolling resistance...
  9. We are in the process of buying a new house that will have a garage to finally bring my 70 home to work on. I'm looking for a set of junk wheels and tires that will hold air to be able to roll it in and out of the garage it is currently in, and my new garage. The tires currently on it are completely rotted out, and won't hold air at all. If you have a set I can borrow for a couple weeks, great. If you have a set I can acquire, even better. I don't want to spend money buying new tires, since it won't be wearing 14's when it hits the road again...
  10. If you use Firefox to browse, this add on fixes photobuckey's extortion scheme... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/photobucket-embedded-fix/?src=api
  11. The track width is that much wider. The wheel mounting surface is outside the plane of the 67 body...
  12. yes, and it is specific to flywheel tooth count, and manual vs auto. (i learned this the hard way...)
  13. I'm willing also, and have some experience, mainly in vbulletin though. Looks like there's plenty of offers though...
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