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  1. Sweet...I've always thought that the corners were sunk down too low because of the exaggerated arc...when you get a chance, mind posting some fitment pictures? Thanks,Steve
  2. Nice, looking good man. It is tough to get those grill/nose pieces lined up. Good luck and congratulations on almost getting it back on the road! Oh yea, what's your wheel/tire setup going to be?
  3. The 17x10.5's stuck out too far...it might have looked okay on a mulletized 3rd gen camaro, but not so much on our cars. If your goal is to run the 17x10.5, go with a fox 8.8 - the only thing you'd have to watch out for is whether or not the inside of the tire will clear the front-lower inner wheel house. I sure hope so,:laugh:...the same company does have an 18x9 in the same style that I am going to mock up and try out on the front. I'll give updates as I get the measurements and specs all lined out.
  4. You may have to take your chances on melting the lead in order to patch that hole by the seam. You can try to reduce the melting by putting a wet rag over the lead. Eastwood makes a body solder kit that would help out in repairing any of the lead that becomes melted. Maybe a dremel cutoff wheel could get all the old metal out of that corner section. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am positive the rear end is out of an 04. From wms to wms measures 61.625 inches. I found a modern magnum 500 rim that is marketed to the 05 and up guys with the perfect backspacing that I am considering. See here if interested: http://www.americanmuscle.com/05-magnum-18x10.html?utm_content=05-magnum-18x10&utm_campaign=FROOG&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Shopping Yesterday I mocked up a backspace/offset tool out of some old aluminum stock and some wire to test out the measurements/backspace and tire section width, and it appears as though it will work out nicely. When I got the rear end under the car and on the spring perches, I mounted the 17 x 10.5's from my 03, and they looked really goofy (I knew they would, I am just really anxious to see the car on the ground with some nice rolling stock after being a shell for so long). :001_smile:
  6. Has anyone put an eight - eight under a 69/70 before? I'm just looking to swap ideas/issues and also share ideas about wheel backspacing choices. I know from measuring the old 8 inch as well as the new 8.8 that the 8.8 is wider (roughly 3/4 of an inch on both sides) - but what I'm really interested in finding out is what kind of wheel backspacing anyone who has done this has gone with. Pictures of fitment would be much appreciated if available. Thanks everyone. Steve
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