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  1. Yes it is steel. It is the original, cut and tucked. it was not an easy one either. It took forever to get it to look and fit right.
  2. I have to let her go. She is listed on eBay if anyone is interested.
  3. Here is a setup similar to the one I wan to use. Kinda expensive but a nice setup.
  4. How about a display that is built into your rear view mirror. They are a little smaller but work out good. We are in the habit of looking there when we back up anyways. Some examples I want to do something similar but with 3 cameras. One on each side and one on the back. Just haven't figured out how to place the side view cameras yet. I was thinking in the part of the bumper where it curves back into the body.
  5. Ring Brothers does an interesting front bumper. Ring Brothers Bumper.
  6. If you want to go the electric route here is what I did. I used a keyless entry kit and some door lock actuators from a early 90's Silverado. Then built brackets that hooked them into my door latch. I think the whole setup cost about 50. They work quite well.
  7. Very Nice... I am going to have to upgrade my shock tower braces to that. The center console and door trim on my interior is getting this stuff. 400 × 300 - compositeenvisions.com
  8. Looking Really Good... Just a thought. Could you open up the front of your turbo "BOX" and give it some air flow to help cool the turbos some. Probably wont make much difference. Any heat you can draw away from them will help them live longer.
  9. Been there, Done that, Hit a mailbox. Luckily the owner was really cool. I had slowed down enough that it did no damage to the car. Animals at 65 mph are no fun either. I had a Camaro that I hit a deer in. That was some freaky stuff. I think it was my third test drive on my stang, the steering column came loose and fell into my lap when I was turning a corner. My fault. I modified the column for the rack. used a different kind of D-Shaft and removed the bottom part of the column. The upper part has nylon blocks that the column slides up into with bolt going through the blocks not the metal. The column slid out of the nylon blocks. I ended up about 2 inches away from a 4 foot drop off on the side of the road.
  10. I have a little less than 2 inches of clearance on my headers and only have run across one speed bump that I cannot pass. It is the dips for rain run off the I have problems with. Looking good Footcutter.!!!
  11. Love the wheels Where did you get them?
  12. Looking forward to see how you fit the body to the frame. Excellent work. I wish I had the time to do something like this. I am just way to far along in my car to go back and do this. My Next Project will more than likely be a 67 - 72 Chevy pickup. Unless I find a 69 fastback or 69 Firebird to build. I should really finish my interior before I take on another project.
  13. Looking really good. Are you solid mounting the motor to the frame. Or is the some wiggle room in the exhaust that I am not seeing. I had really tight clearance on my exhaust near the transmission mount. After about 2 Months of driving it. The bolts holding the flange from the header to the pipes Loosened themselves up and wobbled out the holes. It took me forever to figure out what caused it. I found it because the exhaust pipe rubbed all of the paint off of my transmission mount. I had to cut a notch into my transmission mount so that the exhaust was not hitting during heavy acceleration. Plus it got rid of the vibration that I spent forever trying to track down.
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