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    Bandwidth issue

    Paid for the next tier which has unmetered bandwidth (another $10 a month for a total of $30). One issue down. Still need to upgrade the forum software to keep the spam out. That will be fun for another day/2days back and forth with their support.
  2. bswor

    Bandwidth issue

    I am about to switch the hosting over to amazon web services in the next few days for some bandwidth breathing room. Then I'll have to work with the forum software customer service to make the upgrades compatible with a new version of PHP so we can finally secure the website away from the bots that have been eating the bandwidth. The current hosting company has been less than useful unfortunately.
  3. bswor

    Bandwidth issue

    It's still a bot issue eating up the bandwidth. I will talk with support again to narrow it down.
  4. Bots are hitting the site and causing the issues. I am working with tech support still to try and fix it. I thought it was already resolved. There is another issue with upgrading the forum software I need to take care of but it currently crashes the entire forum so I am unwilling to do so until I have ample time to devote to it. I am hoping to have the bot issue resolved by the end of the week. Just a little update for you guys. Bandwidth upgrade would only be a bandaid and not a full solution, so do not feel obligated to donate any more money. And thanks for your donations so far that should cover the monthly losses for the remainder of the year.
  5. bswor

    Bandwidth issue

    Thank you sir. The forum software needs a update as well which also has a fee, so donations will go towards that if our license has expired. I will also explore another option. Which is to let the forum software company host the site which could eliminate these type of problems and spam.
  6. bswor

    Bandwidth issue

    Hey guys a bot hit the site and I had tech support take care of it. The donation amount is busted and always shows that amount. Currently the ads don't cover the costs anymore. It's close but not quite there. So anything you donate will sit in the PayPal account to pay the bill. I'm currently in the process of moving and other big life changes (Fiancee), which is why it took so long to take care of this. Sorry for the delay. I'll monitor the Bandwidth this month and see of a plan upgrade is necessary. Thanks for your patience
  7. I do, it is stored at my parents place in many pieces.... One day. If covid didn't happen it would have been happening already. But I'll push it back until I'm too old to work on it! Just kidding! Hopefully anyway
  8. Hah all good for now. Site is on autopay. So it'll last a few months past my demise!
  9. Sorry gentlemen for the site being down. My hosting company upgraded something and broke the website. Creating a local backup now, incase of future f ups. Also my email has been cleared for future communications.
  10. It seems to be working for me. Let me know if it is working for you guys. Thanks
  11. I think i found the culprit but it can take up to 48 hours for everything to get back to normal.
  12. Sorry just now getting to look into it. Forum software updated as well as the license did not auto renew for some reason.
  13. Due to bandwidth issues the gallery has been disabled. Please find other hosting options for your images. If you need to get your images from the gallery let me know and I can re-enable it for a few days so you can download them and move them elsewhere. Sorry for the inconvenience
  14. I can probably recover the majority of the images if I had the time. It's a big job to go through the backups though. But I need to look into another hosting company which is a process to get everything switched over. I'll keep y'all posted.
  15. Apparently my hosting company has a policy against having too many images on the web servers. I will have to make some changes to the gallery, close it, or maybe switch hosting companies.... I had to delete a lot of images to get us under the threshold. Sorry if you lost any images.
  16. Congrats on the article and thanks for all your spam reports!
  17. How does the site look on your new flipphone?
  18. Let me know if it happens again. We just applied a security update.
  19. I did not think it was useful so I took it out of the menu, my bad. Is it helpful and do you use it often?
  20. Haven't we all. I just pretend that is what Pakrat looks like....
  21. You do enough already by taking care of the spammers. You did not need to donate but it is appreciated and it will help pay the server rent which just quadrupled to get us where we needed to be. Thank you for all of your contributions!
  22. It should be up and running now.
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