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    Christmas Joy

    Just finished my tree decoration.
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    After fixing the prior accident damages on left rear quarter, left door, and a few common rust repairs and some panel alignment, I decided to take care of the old respray paint and painted to original color in base coat/clear coat. Then decided to take care of the knocking original 302 (due to broken piston skirt) by replacing it with an early 80s 302 I had. Converted to manual steering using parts from one of my other cars while keeping the power steering box. Then grafted a Prius electric steering to my original column. Had been daily driving it for the last 8 months with the original upholstery. Decided that it is time to update the upholstery. They do not reproduce 69 Grande upholstery in nugget gold, so bought some material and made my own.
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    Replaced my old gauges with Dakota Digital RTX Vintage Series. Definitely and awesome product, super easy to calibrate on your phone.
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    Projects pending pandemic

    Not directly Mustang related but it stores a mustang so there's that. I've been wanting to have a nice finished garage ever since we built out house 15 years ago so I finally got off my duff and did it. All new paint top to bottom, new cabinets, big screen TV, and professionally done floors. Couldn't be happier with the results. Now I make my wife take her shoes off when she come in it from the house Mustang related I've installed an electric trunk release, retrosound stereo, chased squeaks and rattles, had the exhaust reworked.... Been a product season for me.
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    70 Landau Coupe Special

    Bought this car last year for 400.00, as a parts car. After getting it home and getting the 4 five gallon buckets worth of old acorns, rat and squirrel crap, and ?? it looked to good to part her out. When I got brave enough to take out the back seat and venture into the trunk, there I found the rest of the interior pieces, exterior trim, light buckets, and another 2 five gallon buckets of nuts and crap. I stripped her down, went thru all the wiring, and got all the electrical working. I replaced the drivers side floor pan and off to paint and body she went. Rust was minimal, with just a few patches in the normal rusted out spots and a new used top of course. She came home today.
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    Galveston, Tx Sunrise

    Saturday morning came early last weekend. Got the old girl down the beach for a decent sunrise. A few pics for anyone interested. The big old hotel in a couple of the pics is Hotel Galvez' on the seawall. Beach pictures taken down on East Beach. They put too many poles up down there, making donuts a bit dangerous - but you know a few got made. Was a nice quiet morning out with the mistress... Jay
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    reviving this ancient thread as Covid-19 restrictions here in the NY/NJ area has finally allowed me time to work on the mustang. The little free time i've had in the last year has been mostly spent doing home renovations, motorcycle track days, and some work on the newest addition to the stable: But anyhow, back to the mustang. Spent the last few weeks working to correct a lot of the crappy work the shop did. Ended up fabricating new engine mounts and transmission crossmember, fitted JBA shorty headers, installed a new intake and did a light port on the throttle body, modified the sn95 pedal cluster to fit using a 1969 brake pedal and clearancing the cowl to allow the quadrant to clear, rebuilt the door hinges, fixed some small rust holes in the inner cowls on both sides, and fabricated an air cleaner to fit a 2004 mach 1 shaker scoop and seal on the 2000 Lincoln continental intake manifold. pedal assembly had to cut the cowl a bit for the quadrant to clear door hinges engine mounts - had to raise the engine a bit and move it slightly forward for the headers to clear and the transmission to clear the tunnel while maintaining proper driveline angle. Transmission mount Had to modify the trans tunnel for the shifter opening (was an auto) so cut it for clearance, notched andboxed in the trans tunnel support, and patched the opening. Shaker assembly - wanted to use a late model shaker but didn't want the entire mess of the stock airbox in the engine bay (also, not daily driving this thing so not worried about monsoons) so fabricated a mid plate to bolt to the 2004 Mach 1 shaker top and sandwich the late model shaker seal. Using a K&N filter that measures about 9.5x11.65" pardon the trashed hood - have a dynacorn flat hood to go on but didn't want to cut the shaker hole until I knew if I could actually pull off this airbox idea so tossed on the junk 70 hood I had laying around with the shaker hole already cut. Have to repaint the engine and some of the engine bay and sort out the hydroboost fitment, but hoping to get started on wiring and plumbing shortly.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    A little update, engine wiring 99%done, fuel tank mounted, battery cradle modified and fitted, fan shroud made and fitted, air intake modified and fitted, just have some bonnet clearance issues to sort, first engine startup IMG_4958.MOV
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    Rich Ackermann

    My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project

    Okay. I am really getting excited! The paint is on and it looks fantastic! Still needs color sanding. Need to paint a few more parts and paint the black Shaker hood stripe. Cant wait to get her home and install the steering and suspension and put her down on wheels.
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    NYS does it again

    i dont know if anyone watched that golden glob crap, but Ricky Gervais is the man, watch as every hollywwod ahole crawls out of their skin in outrage. They dont like when they are the ones being mocked.
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    Boss Run

    Brother's 70 Boss 302. Just play'in around. Those aren't pizza cutter tires on the rear either!
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    With my shoulder feeling much better this morning,i had help flipping it up right and got some epoxy on it . Blocked off the scoops and built the edges to 3 /16 thick so i can make the mold with finished edges ,lots of block sanding now .
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    Morgans 69 Mustang

    We finished up around five in the afternoon. I went with the Dyno Max Super Turbo mufflers. V band clamps and a X kit from Summit Racing and well as a complete kit from National Parts Depot. I have the turbo mufflers from the kit that I am planning to sell. I still need to weld on the chrome tips and make some minor adjustments. Then I can fire it up.
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    So Kamela and Joe...

    The wonder of makeup:)
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    1968 Cougar

    The owners picked up their car :)
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    It was a beautiful day today so I pit the Mustang up on ramps in the rear & jack stands in the front & proceeded to clean off the undercoating where the sub frame connectors are going to weld to. Drivers side, Passengers side,
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    finally got the engine painted and fully installed. New header studs and gaskets. Headers and poly engine mounts installed and everything bolted down. Next up, running the engine bay wiring harness.
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    Projects pending pandemic

    Yes, all new. It's just up the road a few miles, outside the city limits. Pretty close to swapping the building's square feet for house square feet. Existing house 2800 sf., 1500 sf. building. Going to build a 1500+ sf. house and a 2400 sf. metal building. (40 x 60). No subdivision, no city taxes, lots and lots of grass, much better.
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    Taking advantage of being at home. Decided to tidy up the rear end. I still have to replace the brake lines when I have some tube. This has been bugging me since I got it. With the new rubbers all the squeaks in the rear are finally gone.
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    Corona Planning

    Notwithstanding wether it's a hoax, I wouldn't trust Snopes to drive my shivy. If I owned a shivy.
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    70 Landau Coupe Special

    Got to work on the car last Sat am, installed the new proportioning valve, bled brakes. Took new proportioning valve off, filed top of block, installed new cooper washer, bled brakes and FINALLY all looks good. Good pedal and brakes stop rear brakes. First test drive coming soon!!
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    Scorching hot alternator pulley

    If I were you, I'd go to great lengths to get the V belts to work. I didn't even think to try a double V belt when my single belt kept slipping with a ~100 amp alternator. I even used a turnbuckle to tighten the belt. Even though I dislike the serpentine belt look, it does work. My need to use the 100 amp alt was a classic rabbit hole affair, which I don't recommend. Since I just had to have a shaker air cleaner, tIhen found it sat too high thru the hood. Shoulda milled the Stealth intake, but lowered the motor. Which required custom motor mounts, engine crossmember, electric fans since stock interfered with lower radiator hose, custom tranny mounts to keep angle correct. All for a damn shaker. With dual fans, power windows, and stereo, I went big on the alternator. In hindsight, I'd keep it stock. Much more simple, and stock works just fine.
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    Correct Fuel Filter location

    I could be wrong but the original carbs were Autolites and they had the filter built into them. I'm far from a pro though, so don't take my word for gospel.
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    408w breather caps or

    You would need both for the system to work correctly. A filtered air supply from your air cleaner to one valve cover OR a breather fitted to that cover. On the other valve cover you would need to hook up a PCV with vacuum supplied by either a intake manifold fitting OR a vacuum supply from your carb or carb spacer.
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    This finger?
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    OK, I am going to go throw a weird one at you. Maybe your problem is related to mine, but probably not. your problem is more likely a connection problem. However, I had a similar radio cutting out problem with my retrosound, except mine would cut out when I revved the engine from low speed to high, but it only seemed to happen when the car was fresh out of the garage. Also, if the car was brought back to dead idle, radio would play again -even fresh out of the garage. weird thing was, drive it a few miles, and this cut-out would go away. So, after me living with this for a long while, and pondering it, but not coming up with anything, a friend rides with me and sees this weird behavior and has a genius insight - he says "do you have an original voltage regulator?" yes. "well then, I think maybe your radio is seeing unacceptable voltages when the alternator is kicked in at higher RPMS. The alternator kicks in much more often immediately after the car has started after it's been sitting in garage. After you drive the car a bit, the battery gets charged up - so alternator not kicking in - and symptom stops. Maybe you should try a new solid-state VR." Freaking genius insight. Sure enough, a new solid state VR solved my radio cutting out problem completely. Now, in your case, the radio cuts out at low speed - when another electrical system is engaged. So perhaps the current draw of the blinker system causes the voltage the radio is getting to somehow change to a temporarily unacceptable amount. Car equilibrates voltages are a few moments and radio comes back on. At high RPMs voltage is sufficiently regulated to not cause a problem in the circuit. Do you have an old-style VR with resistors on the back? is a good question to ask if you can't trace it to bad ground or bad connection. Above image is what the back of my old VR looked like (I believe it is original with the car). The new Solid State versions don't look like this. Most likely, this is not your problem, but at least I stuck to the "radio cuts out" theme. Hope this wasn't too much of a thread high-jack! Jay
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    The libtarts are willing to spend 2 Trillion to destroy economy & cause riots because it is their game plan to hurt Trump. They want to take him down at all costs.
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    Headlight bucket fitment

    I had tried the washer already. I looked at my other fender and I saw where it didn’t have any gap between the inner bucket and the fender at the bottom. The fender that didn’t fit has an 1/8” gap. I drilled out the spot welds and moved it to match the other one and now it lines up perfect. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Ridge Runner


    Never worked a day in their lives brainwashed kids .they can push people around but if you push back they scream brutality ,i say we bring in Mad Max ! I am locked and loaded ,no one is getting in here with out a fight
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    Mines been in the shop a few months. She got a NARDI steering wheel, modern BAER brakes in front, 18” Halibrand wheels wrapped in modern MICHELINs. last year I gave her new speakers & amp, EIBACH shocks, sway bars & springs w 1.5” drop in front cus she was riding way high when I got her
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    OK, this is freaky !

    We need to get the virus otherwise none will be immune. Id rather get it now at 55 than in 10 years and risk death
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    351C Cleveland fluids and tank questions

    This is a friendly forum. Roger has never been anything but friendly, and replied with friendly advice.
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    OK, this is freaky !

    At least we don't have to see any more Mike for president commercials.
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    Panera Bread

    Thought I would start a build thread on this one. This one took a lot of engineering, they wanted us to incorporate a front Griggs racing system into our full MTF subframe. This is a one off and I will never do another one at any cost. We had to beef up a lot of the weak areas of the Griggs setup. I think we will even be installing steel fender flares like I did on my blue 65 fastback
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    Wilwood is coming out with a short version of their master cylinder to cure this issue. I use late mode Ford Explorer booster with a Ford Ranger Reservoir. Hooked to 2004 Mustang Cobra brakes front and rear, Baer/Motorsport drilled/slotted rotors Mustang Steve Brackets
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    Brothers 69 Mach

    Well, I caved.... went and picked up the mtr from my brothers last weekend and started putting it back together. All down hill from here. Figure I’ll go get the bell housing, trans, and rest of the stuff this weekend. Hope to have it in by end of next weekend.
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    New Member, South Louisiana

    Damn straight. I have a brand new AED 650 double pumper here I was going to put on, but couldn't be bothered with either trying to learn how to set jets or taking it to get tuned. And now I can adjust most parameters from the driver seat.
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    Your gonna hate me now

    these days any of the big three are appreciated over this hunk of shit that passed me on the highway, looks like he has an old tv antenna screwed into his trunk,,,
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Wow, unbelievable. Bigmal on the forum said that the fires were close and smoke in the air for weeks.
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    Radiator inlet and outlet

    ford contour fans fit the 24" radiator. you can get them shipped from the us. the only other fan that might fit that will flow around as much air is a sidewinder. https://the-fan-man.com/product/side-winder-electric-fan-kit/
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    First block sanding with 180 grit . Nice and flat except for what looks like two thumb prints at each rear corner . It will get primed one more time and then blocked wet starting with 400 then 600 then 1000 ,that should take out the two marks at the rear ,if it doesnt i will leave them because i will still have to block sand the mold and they will then be a high spot and easily sand out and them buff. ,still have one scoop to block but my fingers are raw and burn like fire
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    All that is left is to fit it on a car ,i have a 70 coupe with some 69 fenders and headlight buckets ,i just need to make sure it fits to the cowl and the fenders and headlight buckets. I am going to bond in the scoops to make the molds ,after i will crack them loose ,the fiberglass hood will have them made in
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    Edges are rolled and the front lip is spot welded . I made a slight V in the peak ,it was to flat looking . I still have to figure out how to finish off the rear ,it has a 3/4 inch rise like a cowl induction hood but much lower . I did manage to get two very slight dings in the top edge but i am really happy so far
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    1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top

    I though it is right side up to people from "Down Under".
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    Finished Heim Joint Struts

    Bob, Yes, I still have times where I miss that car. I had it set up really well and being that is was a plain Jane 302 fastback I didn't mind mods to it. Also, I still find myself thinking I have a tool that was lost in the fire. I did buy this with the insurance Money from the car. As the picture shows, it was from Florida. NY does not have palm trees. It was from a collector that passed away. It was a really nice car, but it never really felt like it was mine since it was already restored. Plus, the motor must have had 11:1 or more compression since it would ping even with the best gas I could find. The estate guy told me they ran 100 octane in it. So.... I sold it about two months ago. I am not kidding when I say it took only 20 minutes to sell it on Craigslist. I couldn't believe it. Ended up getting this about a month ago. 67 GT Cougar. Early production car. Got it from an original family out of Colorado. It is probably the most original Mustang/Cougar I have ever owned. XR-7's hadn't come out yet but the guys aunt put about every other option in it. It even has a working tilt away wheel. I've been really enjoying this car, nothing feels like a big block car. Jim
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    69 Convertible build

    Also added a new mustang to the family 2019 GT Premium with everything.
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    Aquarius is on the way!

    Maybe something for the old power steering?

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