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    Christmas Joy

    Just finished my tree decoration.
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    After fixing the prior accident damages on left rear quarter, left door, and a few common rust repairs and some panel alignment, I decided to take care of the old respray paint and painted to original color in base coat/clear coat. Then decided to take care of the knocking original 302 (due to broken piston skirt) by replacing it with an early 80s 302 I had. Converted to manual steering using parts from one of my other cars while keeping the power steering box. Then grafted a Prius electric steering to my original column. Had been daily driving it for the last 8 months with the original upholstery. Decided that it is time to update the upholstery. They do not reproduce 69 Grande upholstery in nugget gold, so bought some material and made my own.
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    Completed some oil pans

    Here are pictures of a completed pan based in n the T sump kits I am making. just got them back from plating
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    NYS does it again

    i dont know if anyone watched that golden glob crap, but Ricky Gervais is the man, watch as every hollywwod ahole crawls out of their skin in outrage. They dont like when they are the ones being mocked.
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    Boss Run

    Brother's 70 Boss 302. Just play'in around. Those aren't pizza cutter tires on the rear either!
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    With my shoulder feeling much better this morning,i had help flipping it up right and got some epoxy on it . Blocked off the scoops and built the edges to 3 /16 thick so i can make the mold with finished edges ,lots of block sanding now .
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    My car is 51 today

    If I'm reading the date code correctly, today is 51 years since that glorious day in Metuchen. (I winder if that is an oxymoron) :) JIM P.S. Dog is not original equipment
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Got her home from paint, time to reassemble for good.
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Getting closer.....
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    Installed the water pump, intake manifold, distributor, & dip stick.
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    69 Convertible build

    That will make a nice donor car for the rebuild. :)
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Let the grinding "fun" begin...
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    Spent the entire day today scraping sealant and under coating. Son was home from school, so he got a scrapper too!!! Just about have it knocked out. Not a fun job. Bummer was finding rust on passenger side floor panels, front and rear. I was not expecting that. Just ordered up a couple of replacements. Interestingly, the rust is isolated to specific areas so no need to replace the whole panel. I'll likely just make patch panels.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Wow, unbelievable. Bigmal on the forum said that the fires were close and smoke in the air for weeks.
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    Radiator inlet and outlet

    ford contour fans fit the 24" radiator. you can get them shipped from the us. the only other fan that might fit that will flow around as much air is a sidewinder. https://the-fan-man.com/product/side-winder-electric-fan-kit/
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    First block sanding with 180 grit . Nice and flat except for what looks like two thumb prints at each rear corner . It will get primed one more time and then blocked wet starting with 400 then 600 then 1000 ,that should take out the two marks at the rear ,if it doesnt i will leave them because i will still have to block sand the mold and they will then be a high spot and easily sand out and them buff. ,still have one scoop to block but my fingers are raw and burn like fire
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    69 Convertible build

    I've been on this site for a long time and haven't made a build progress page so I figured it was about time I got around to doing it. My car has been off the road since 1975 and was stored inside an upholstery shop since the early 80's. I attached a picture of what it looked like when I first rolled it out of the building, it has 53,000 original miles. I've had the car since 2010 but progress was slow due to moving from Texas to Oklahoma. I had to put the car in storage for a yr and a half after I moved until we bought a new house so I had somewhere to put it. After that I got busy working on the house and building a shop so I had a place to work on my car. Now that most of my non car projects are completed I have been back working on the 69 trying to get the body work finished up so I can get it back on the road. Nearly all the parts that on the car have been rebuilt and are ready to install. I still have a little body work to do but can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Edges are rolled and the front lip is spot welded . I made a slight V in the peak ,it was to flat looking . I still have to figure out how to finish off the rear ,it has a 3/4 inch rise like a cowl induction hood but much lower . I did manage to get two very slight dings in the top edge but i am really happy so far
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    1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top

    I though it is right side up to people from "Down Under".
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    Finished Heim Joint Struts

    Bob, Yes, I still have times where I miss that car. I had it set up really well and being that is was a plain Jane 302 fastback I didn't mind mods to it. Also, I still find myself thinking I have a tool that was lost in the fire. I did buy this with the insurance Money from the car. As the picture shows, it was from Florida. NY does not have palm trees. It was from a collector that passed away. It was a really nice car, but it never really felt like it was mine since it was already restored. Plus, the motor must have had 11:1 or more compression since it would ping even with the best gas I could find. The estate guy told me they ran 100 octane in it. So.... I sold it about two months ago. I am not kidding when I say it took only 20 minutes to sell it on Craigslist. I couldn't believe it. Ended up getting this about a month ago. 67 GT Cougar. Early production car. Got it from an original family out of Colorado. It is probably the most original Mustang/Cougar I have ever owned. XR-7's hadn't come out yet but the guys aunt put about every other option in it. It even has a working tilt away wheel. I've been really enjoying this car, nothing feels like a big block car. Jim
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    Ridge Runner

    When you think you’re cool.

    Hood not latched in this pic ,but Like this ?
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    Must be nice :)
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    Who makes the best headliners?

    Why do you say they copied you? It doesn't look like MTF headliner, its made differently and according to you its not as good, so is nobody else allowed to make a 1 piece hahah. I'm enjoying mine and it looks great, and once again it shipped free so no worries to me on that part. As for reviews I've seen many that are happy with the TMI one and gripe about MTFs price so I guess its all about perspective and for you since its a competitor you're not happy about it haha.
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    69 Vert project

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    I am assuming you are talking about a 1969 fastback (Sportsroof) model and those came with two spacers fitting between the column bracket and where it attaches to the pedal support under the dash. It is an aluminum spacer and it is 1" x1" square and I think 3/8" thick and for some reason Ford wanted the column lower on Sportsroof models. If you remove those spacers the steering wheel will move up about 3/4"-1". That might be enough to help. That's what I did on my 1969 Mach 1. After you remove those spacers you will need to replace the small trim panel below the column and that round/oval rubber trim piece that fits over the column with those for a coupe. But, those are being reproduced and relatively inexpensive. After you are finished. from the engine compartment side of the firewall, make certain the steering shaft is fairly centered in the column. You might need to loosen the column floor mount and readjust it a little.
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    There goes my baby

    Nice that the sale went smoothly Jim. And you can rest assured knowing Johnny's car helped buy the property.
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    New Valves in not-new heads

    If you correctly blue the valves i.e. apply it correctly, very thin - tap the valve up and down a couple of times without rotating it and it shows a correct seat, then lapping the valves will achieve nothing extra.
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    69 Convertible build

    Also added a new mustang to the family 2019 GT Premium with everything.
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    NASCAR engine 69 Fastback

    I would also add: -insurance sufficient funds in the glove compartment for bribing the local constabulary when caught speeding
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    @1969_Mach1 Ended up ordering the wheels from Summit. They beat out CJPony price and delivery. The tires were ordered from Discount Tire Direct. CJPony did have best price on center caps and lug nuts though.
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    69 Vert project

    Im quickly going broke! I dont know where another $7K just went, but this damn thing should be driving around by now ! just ordered rear leafs, another vintage air unit, and those AN fittings will slowly kill your wallet. hey, anybody have a mass air meter and tube for a 93?
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    So, I'm making some progress now. Rotisserie built and car mounted. Spoke with media blaster just yesterday. Will likely be taking it in for blasting before months end. This car has been stored away since the early 80's and I long to drive her again. Turned 59 last month, males in my family don't have good longevity. Race for time....LOL!
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    My original 3/8" hard fuel lines (2 pieces from the tank to the original mechanical fuel pump) already had the bubble flares at the ends. Put the clamps behind the flares like they were on the original hoses. Used EFI clamps on EFI hoses instead of the spring clamps that were original or the worm gear clamps.
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    1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top

    And if you get half his wits, we can then call you a half-wit!
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Today was a productive day, I installed the shortened Explorer aluminum driveshaft, made the fuel filter bracket, & started working on the drivers side sub frame connector.
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    Aquarius is on the way!

    Is that for the old p/s ram cylinder for the stock p/s?.
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    Ridge Runner

    New cell phone

    Hey ,i can kick my self out just fine thank you very much haha Going to use the old cell for target practice ,drop my calls will you ,not going to give my emails ? BOOM!
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    JET 445

    Door alignment

    Wow, so much debate and so much bad information, all he needed to do was adjust the hinges. The reason body shop guys and assembly line workers bash and bend things is because they need to get it out the door as quickly as possible and get onto the next car but 50 years later that is never the best solution. Take the striker off, adjust the door and refit the striker ,simple, easy.
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    Dakota Digital Install

    here are some of mine:
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    1G to 3G alternator conversion

    Thanks for the info. Saved for a conversion down the track.
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    Fox body AC system in a 1969 Mustang?

    Great idea though, jkish. If the underdash component fit, theoretically you could fab up duct work and get pressure hoses made up to fit. You'd still have to figure out the control board - would you use the Fox control panel or aftermarket or ____? As the others have said, by the time you do all that, factoring in your time, you'd probably be better off going with a COTS (commercial off the shelf) system. Nate
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    Tuff Stuff Starter Motors

    Why not a stock one from a 94 Mustang ?
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    69 Vert project

    its on the ground, engine in.
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    Major Forum Technical Issues (Pictures)

    I too lost many pictures, but feel that we all have the knowledge and willingness to share if someone was to post a question. Our smart phones all have cameras too, that I will gladly go out and snap pictures to share if I cant provide positive input This site is by far the best that is out there, in regards to Mustangs, usually getting multiple responses to any type of questions in a few hours. the guys on the forum aren't smart asses or make crude comments on someone's lack of knowledge. I posted many questions on other sites/forums regarding the 82 Stang and truck projects I've had, with nothing for days, weeks, or none at all This site is also free To post pictures on this site, they had to be downloaded from your personal files. So I would assume, if you don't have the pictures you posted, then I would also assume that person didn't take the steps to protect their own files. You Tube, the best place to save pictures and videos and someone else's servers expense. all you need to do is share the link Hats off and many thanks to the guys who have created, tweaked, managed, and maintained this site. No complaints here!!
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    Brake warning switch trivia

    I used a alarm hood pin switch. Drilled a hole on the emergency brake bracket. Tapped into the wire going to the pressure differential sw. The foot pedal hits the plunger on the sw breaking the ground and turning off the brake warning light when the emergency brake is off.
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    It is Time

    Just put her away... logged about 100 miles... and 10,000 smiles... :) :) :) Yes, she still needs help... suspension is starting to make bad noises... surprisingly nothing is leaking.. yet... I need a new throttle cable bad.. shifter needs rebuilding horribly.. can't hardly get into park anymore.. still needs timing and carb adjustments... she idles wonderfully... it's not fast at all.. in fact she's very mad at anything more than half throttle... but the torque is incredible.. quarter throttle and you're at 65mph in no time flat! The turbo mufflers I installed in I think 1980 are gone... the bottoms are completely rusted out... as I backed her into the garage... it reminded me of Christine a bit too much... even my wife said the same.. (the garage door opened and you slowly backed in.. just like Christine)... Biggest issue is hot start problems... the gas boils in the carburetor when she's at temp... today after a nice long run with temps in high 80s and backing her slowly in the garage she was at 210F per IR gun.. you can actually hear the gas boiling in the carb.. the carb was 160F per the same IR gun.. Pretty minor problem.. but we'll fix. About all I can truly say.. it's surreal.. I've had this car before I met my beautiful wife... I courted her in this car..,. it's been covered for 33+ years... it's surreal...
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    Ridge Runner

    Paul's 69 Mach1

    LOL . I would probably go for second gear only to open the door and fall out . I think Dynacorn has conversion dashes now .

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