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    69 Shaker Hood Packaging

    I was looking for a hood for my car and noticed the shipping to me in Ohio would be around $150 to $175 from the different web sites. I then found a reasonable price for a Scott Drake hood with free shipping, it was shipped through FedEx Freight. I was somewhat impressed with the packaging from Holley sold through the dominant online retailer.
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    bucket seats

    Seat back is not adjustable, it only folds for access to rear seats and locks at a fix position when raised. Rubber stops are just to eliminate rattle at seat backs fixed position. I guess if you remove the rubber pieces, seat back will lean back a little more.
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    Ridge Runner

    69 Shaker Hood Packaging

    Shipped a hood out through a company here in Cali. Last week ,got a message from the buyer it was damaged in shipping ,shipping company shoved a fork lift fork through the box and cut a rear corner off the hood . Some times you get a part through like it is supposed to be and sometimes you dont its getting kind of like a crap shoot shipping now days ,i guess 1 out of about 200 isnt bad though .

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