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    That's a nice looking Monte Carlo bar. Where did ya get it, and what's something like that cost?
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    1969- no brakes. 302 factory front disc

    Try unbolting the master cylinder & pull it forward a little & make the back seal in the master cylinder is not leaking fluid into the brake booster. I have had this happen to me & it drove me nuts until I found it.
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    Are your rear drums adjusted? If there's a lot of space between the pads and drum, your brake pedal will feel much as you described. The brake fluid must be going somewhere without affecting the braking ability.
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    Jesse 69 Fastback

    1969 Flashback

    It's been a while since I posted an update, and a lot has changed! After sitting about a year and a half on the waitlist, my body shop is ready to start on the car. I stripped the car of every last panel and bolt, in preparation for sending it off to Xpress Metal Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. There I had it acid dipped to remove everything but the steal. Next week it gets picked up and delivered to the body shop to start the real work! The car did look pretty good before the dip, and people would ask me, "Why are you doing this, the car looks great as it is!" Well, one look at the quarter panels after the acid dip is all I needed to know that I did the right thing! Once we have it back and can look at it in person, we'll determine of the quarters will need to be reskinned. Right now I'm thinking yes. Teardown begins! Loaded up for transport: Squeaky clean after the dip:

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