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    I will just leave this here
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    '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

    Some twilight pics from my drive last night. It's a great feeling that even with the gremlins I'm chasing that I can still take it out and enjoy it some. Looking forward to getting them settled and taking the car to shows, though I missed the spring / early summer show season for the most part. Definitely can't rush this build. Not enough hours in the day or dollars in my pocket to do that!
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    Christmas Joy

    Just finished my tree decoration.
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    New Center Console

    Well after much deliberation I decided to build another center console and take my time and do some upgrades like Cup Holders, USB Ports and such...I built one to about 75% completion and didnt like how the face plate looked so I trashed it and started over, heres the end result. Wish I was better at installing upholstery but it doesnt look to shabby. Have to order me a billet bezel and leather shifter boot and she will be all buttoned up
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    Finally completed I think

    Finely completed only if.. You never drive it. Never look at it . Never look at another mustang. Never get a parts catalog in the mail. Never go on the internet. Never wake up in the middle of the night. Never find yourself with a pile of money with nothing to really do with it. If you can live by these rules you are safe...….
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    After fixing the prior accident damages on left rear quarter, left door, and a few common rust repairs and some panel alignment, I decided to take care of the old respray paint and painted to original color in base coat/clear coat. Then decided to take care of the knocking original 302 (due to broken piston skirt) by replacing it with an early 80s 302 I had. Converted to manual steering using parts from one of my other cars while keeping the power steering box. Then grafted a Prius electric steering to my original column. Had been daily driving it for the last 8 months with the original upholstery. Decided that it is time to update the upholstery. They do not reproduce 69 Grande upholstery in nugget gold, so bought some material and made my own.
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    Whipped up a little handy dandy hood puller this morning ,yanked that sucker right out like a tooth ! Only problem i could find with the hood was i was light on the gel coat on one of the scoops but that is not a problem ,i just have to take a little more care spraying up in there in the mold . I sat it on the 70 ,nothing bolted down and it just about a perfect fit .i even held the headlight buckets in place to get some pics . I will have to pull out one of my 69 and bolt it all down ,hinges and all
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    Ridge Runner

    1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top

    Now you done did it haha!
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Pretty cool pic from last night. Mike working in blaster with car in foreground at night!
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Mike took a cool pic today in the shop. His car body in the background with his brother’s Mach in the foreground.
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    Completed some oil pans

    Here are pictures of a completed pan based in n the T sump kits I am making. just got them back from plating
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    Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    I had the exact same problem with my last date.
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    Ridge Runner

    67 fast back unavailable part

    A member on another forum was needing this part ,it is the inner rear door post for a 67 68 fast back ,they are available only in a full door frame kit . A couple of paper templates ,a little bead rolling and a usable part came to be .they are not exact but if you cant find them you has to make um
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    I always wanted to add motorized side view mirrors to our cars. Well in my case my 1970 Mach 1 project car. I have seen posts where folks have adapted 2015 Mustang side view mirrors to a 1969 Mustang, but I wanted to have a more original look. Well with some research, a few parts from a (non-Ford) donor car and some fabrication and experimentation, I made it work. As an added bonus, I incorporated sequential LED directional lights to the package. I made very little mods to the original mirror. Obviously a hole thru the inside of the pedestal and the housing where the two meet for the wires. Also needed to fashion a custom mount bracket inside to mount the motor and mirror. Check out the video attachment file at the bottom of the passenger side it in operation..... Motorized Side View Mirrrors.mp4
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    69-70 Daytime Running Lights

    Hello I have just released an new light design. Daytime running lights for the 69-70. These turn your park light to white DRLs. The turn lights remain amber. The turn lights are about 5x brighter than the 1157A bulb. LEDs on the left, 1157A on the right. Just contact me thru my web site if interested. www.vintageleds.com Thanks Gary
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    ONE ! Five more
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    Cut holes for clamping ,flipped it over and trimmed the flange ,but still needs some more . The hood just about fell out with out any damage . The mold came out just about perfect except for a couple of chips at the ends of the scoops but i am very happy with the turn out . Oh ,and the ram air chamber made it in today !
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    Ridge Runner

    1969 -70 hood ,with 1971 -73 top

    The epoxy is dry . I have to fix a couple of spots though ,i didnt quite bring the center part of the V in the peak high enough so it is slightly flat ,and the inner rib along the driver side scoop is a touch narrower than the other side ,and its metal . Other than that it should pretty well block out in the first blocking . I will let it set a couple of days before i start block sanding
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Mike and I got the car off of rotisserie onto lift. Put front wheels on car and ready to put rear end and suspension in place. Was exciting to see new wheels on car.
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    Always make sure you use the proper fuses

    A new meaning for the term "bullet connectors".
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Today was a nice day so I rolled the engine out of the garage & installed the valve covers & the headers. The bottom end is stock, the heads are Ford Racing M-6049-X306 w/Ford Racing 1.6 roller rockers, cam is Ford Racing M-6250-B303, & the headers are Hedman 88408 Shorties.
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    69 build new magazine article

    Latest 1969 article for one of our builds. He brought it to us with suspension in it. We did all the body work and painting plus put most of it together. http://www.mustangandfords.com/features/0119-woodward-dream-cruiser-1969-mustang-sportsroof/
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    Though I'd share the Monte Carlo Bar I made. I thought the 'off the shelf' ones looked a little flimsy. I had some spare 1" pipe and some brackets of my old boat (cavitation plate adjustment). Worked out pretty well. I can screw the end fitting out to take the load off the Export Brace. Makes fitting that pretty easy now.
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    Ridge Runner

    Question for RPM

    You spelled Anheuser wrong ,and most people just call it Budweiser !
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    The cars together outside the house

    First pic of the cars together.
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    Ridge Runner


    The guy just sent me a couple of pics of the last 67 conversion i did and it is really looking good ,black with silver stripes and red interior
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    It's a going

    Trans back in and tested it ,no leaks and flex plate is great. My 17 yo daughter is driving the car back into the house, she loves the car. mia mustang 3.MOV mia mustang.MOV
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    1970 Cougar turn signals

    You probably need to ask on a Cougar forum. I just work on wires; I don't have access to the various cars to give you an answer as to where things go. That said, you should talk to my wife: she tells me where to go all the time...and it is usually only one place...
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    Ridge Runner

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    You do not want to search ,hot tranny
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    Softer ride

    I'd recommend stepping up to a used Grand Marquis or Lincoln Town Car.
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    Me and my son went to a Fathers Day Car Show, took the People's Choice Award
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    I am going to go ahead with the 69 hood with a 71 ram air top skin ,this will be a steel hood and later pull a mold so i can make them in fiberglass. I peeled the top skin off the 69 hood ,had a lite rust film in the inside of the underbracing so i took my little sand blast pot to it in a small spot just to see how it would clean up . It cleaned up very well with no pitting so this under brace is good to go . This is a very straight underbrace ,i will finish blasting it then i will epoxy primer before i put the 71 73 top on . I used my small angle grinder and ground through the edges of the 69 top ,the fold over only had 3 spot welds and two of them didnt hold .the peak of the hood had about 8 spot welds that i ground through and the top skin just fell off ,the glue ford had used let go a long time ago .
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    Not sure we are going to need the front seats!
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    When you get to do tedious jobs, there isn't a lot to share that is exciting. With a couple of delays I'm finally able to get on with the return fuel line. I'm using a stock 3/8" stainless line for the return, which is going to look really good. I did some bend manipulation to the prebent tube and drilled a 3/4" hole in the back of the torque box for it to pass through. Both lines fit through the stock oval front hole, which took a little bit of time so both tubes are not bound tight. Spent a while looking through the inter web to find some appropriate clamps, which I didn't find. The closest clamp I found was 1/4" and 3/8", no dual 3/8" clamps sooo.... A little tooling and creativity with some stainless sheet and we have clamps. I have to cut and bubble flair the new tube for its attachment up front and get it all bolted down to stay.
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    With my shoulder feeling much better this morning,i had help flipping it up right and got some epoxy on it . Blocked off the scoops and built the edges to 3 /16 thick so i can make the mold with finished edges ,lots of block sanding now .
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    As much as i hate bondo ,this was the only way to blend in the scoops . Still a bit of fine tuning but coming along...and i have no finger prints left trying to sand inside those scoops!
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    What should I fix first?

    What to fix first? Make sure your checkbook and/or savings account is 3x larger than what you think it needs to be.
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

    Got her home from paint, time to reassemble for good.
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    69 Mach 1 / 408W

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    The Bitch is Back!

    Welp, since I had nothing else to do I figured I might as well swap out the old small 13" 2001 Cobra front brakes and make some brackets to mount 14.2" rotors and 4 piston Brembo calipers. I used 1/2" MDF to get the pattern correct, then made the brackets out of 6061-T6. I used the steel spindle bracket from the Cobra calipers, and had to clock the caliper so the aluminum bracket isn't symmetrical. I've got good pedal feel so I believe I'll take it for a spin tomorrow.
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    the guy who painted my car did the same thing, everyone asked "did you run out of paint?" so this was my fix. Problem solved :-)
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    Question for RPM

    Sure...blame your Alzheimer's on a couple of concussions. We all know better.
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    Merry Christmas from Down Under

    Christmas Eve down here, just want to say Merry Christmas from the Ozzies , be safe
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    Bought another Classic Car

    Nothing wrong with a Mopar, i have one also 70 Dodge Charger R/T 440 4 speed.
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    Mach1 Driver

    Classic Car Insurance and Teenagers

    Think you've got problems? My teenager is now 48.
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    Disconnect Switch used for Anti Theft

    A little bit off topic but the hood latch mechanism from an early '70 Ford pickup is an almost exact copy of the '69/70 Mustang except that it has a cable release instead of the under the front of the hood manual latch. It is an exact bolt in to the Mustang's, the only difference is the safety release lever is a little different as I recall. Just pull the truck's latch and remote cable, bolt in the latch and route the cable thru the firewall and mount under the dash next to the parking brake and you have a secure hood. A coil/fuel pump disconnect is a good (and easy) safety backup. I had a coil disconnect switch under my dash of my car but I did something a little different. I purchased a flashing 12v red led light (like they use on alarm systems) and mounted it into my dash. I purchased a Dual Mode Dual Throw (DMDT) switch which allowed me to either switch on the coil when I drove the car and when I wanted to secure it I would toggle the switch which would kill the coil and at the same time turn on the flashing led. I did not have an alarm on the car but the flashing red light would be a deterrent to a possible theft.
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    Ridge Runner

    408 Hemi stroker

    Not sure about the wrinkles ,but i bet it could smooth out a wallet

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