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    I will just leave this here
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    '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

    Some twilight pics from my drive last night. It's a great feeling that even with the gremlins I'm chasing that I can still take it out and enjoy it some. Looking forward to getting them settled and taking the car to shows, though I missed the spring / early summer show season for the most part. Definitely can't rush this build. Not enough hours in the day or dollars in my pocket to do that!
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    Finally completed I think

    Finely completed only if.. You never drive it. Never look at it . Never look at another mustang. Never get a parts catalog in the mail. Never go on the internet. Never wake up in the middle of the night. Never find yourself with a pile of money with nothing to really do with it. If you can live by these rules you are safe...….
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    Wiring harness question

    Oooh! Oooh! <Raises hand> Green wire with black female bullet: AC clutch lead Greyish blue wire with female bullet: carb solenoid anti-backfire blue/red or black: PRNDL lamp lead <Asks for hall pass, due to wet pants>
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    Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    I had the exact same problem with my last date.
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    Coolant Overflow Tank info required

    Who knew a overflow bottle could create such a HEATED topic lol
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    1970 Cougar turn signals

    You probably need to ask on a Cougar forum. I just work on wires; I don't have access to the various cars to give you an answer as to where things go. That said, you should talk to my wife: she tells me where to go all the time...and it is usually only one place...
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    Mach1 Driver

    A REAL Schematic

    BSWOR you should consider pinning this post. A REAL Schematic Until now there were no entire car schematics for our cars, only wire diagrams. This schematic is 5 pages in four separate pdf files (a quirk of my CAD software). A real schematic rarely makes any attempt to identify wires or plugs or connectors. A real schematic tries to show the internal workings of a component when it helps to explain a circuit. A real schematic simplifies. A real schematic is used when you want to understand how a circuit works. A real schematic is what the designer makes first, then he converts it to a wire diagram. A wire diagram shows where wires go and how to connect them. You need BOTH to work on a car, unless the wire diagram is just so darn simple you don’t need the schematic. Our electrical systems consist mostly of switches and lights; around 44 and 41 respectively. Switches are either open or closed. This schematic only shows when a switch is closed. Usually that is indicated by a few simple words below the switch like on, off, run, start, etc. Pay attention to the top section of page one. It shows the most often used symbols on the schematic. I started this project so I could calculate the electrical loads and know what size alternator to get for my future needs (EFI, fuel pump, halogen lights, power windows, etc.) Amperage information for a stock 1969 Mach1 is in an accompanying spreadsheet (Mustang amps.xls) along with a chart of our most common electrical load: light bulbs. If you don’t like the loads I used to calculate “Likely constant amp draw”, by all means alter the spreadsheet to suit your needs, or use simple math- just don’t complain to me. My hope is that this schematic and spreadsheet become valuable reference tools for other hobbyists. Edit: I've seen quite a few questions about the 1970 turn signal circuit so I started another topic for "1970 Mustang Exterior lights". MUSTANG SCHEMATIC PG1.pdf MUSTANG SCHEMATIC PG2.pdf MUSTANG SCHEMATIC PG3.pdf Mustang amps.xls MUSTANG SCHEMATIC PG4.pdf MUSTANG SCHEMATIC PAGE 5.pdf
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    Ridge Runner

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    You do not want to search ,hot tranny
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    Finally completed I think

    Video 1969 mustang video.mp4
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    Softer ride

    I'd recommend stepping up to a used Grand Marquis or Lincoln Town Car.
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    Me and my son went to a Fathers Day Car Show, took the People's Choice Award
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    Bought another Classic Car

    Nothing wrong with a Mopar, i have one also 70 Dodge Charger R/T 440 4 speed.
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    Mach1 Driver

    Classic Car Insurance and Teenagers

    Think you've got problems? My teenager is now 48.
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    She's home!! But of course, as a teacher, school starts tomorrow and I won't have time to do anything for awhile!! Argh! So my first order of business is to recharge the battery. It came back quite dead, but I have a trickle charger on it now, and it's charging up! I want to start with putting the gauge cluster back in, so I figure I need a battery so I can test that!
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    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    I can probably recover the majority of the images if I had the time. It's a big job to go through the backups though. But I need to look into another hosting company which is a process to get everything switched over. I'll keep y'all posted.
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    1969_Mach1: I don't have a problem with MTF when they respond with something that they sell that they can help with the problem of the original poster. I think most people here know that MTF is also a vendor and what they have to offer must be taken with the appropriate care one would take with any vendor. If they offered items that were entirely inappropriate or irrelevant to the thread, then I would have a problem as well. My casual interpretation/reading of their posts is that they are trying to offer help with the obvious bias of supporting things that they know work and provide in their high-end products. I don't think that this is too awful to make a stink about. The phrase is "caveat emptor". I hope that my advice that I present to this forum is not construed as well as hyping my products or services, although that is an ulterior motive for joining. I try not to shill my services unnecessarily and only when it is appropriate. I believe MTF is doing the same. Just my humble opinion. Written with respect and humbleness, Midlife.
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    Midlife Crisis!

    As of a few days ago, I lost my lead in the Leaderboard. Help! I need y'all to post some softball statements that I can easily take out of context and crack jokes about so you can "like" my responses. It's been rather dull and boring along those lines in the past couple of weeks. How's that for a Midlife Crisis?
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    Thin Lizzy

    My 69 in Classic American

    Made my day.
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    Here's what my flock of flamingos look like after viewing the hood: They were bowled over!
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    '70 Grabber Orange Mach 1 Resto

    Happy fall everyone!
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    Disconnect Switch used for Anti Theft

    A little bit off topic but the hood latch mechanism from an early '70 Ford pickup is an almost exact copy of the '69/70 Mustang except that it has a cable release instead of the under the front of the hood manual latch. It is an exact bolt in to the Mustang's, the only difference is the safety release lever is a little different as I recall. Just pull the truck's latch and remote cable, bolt in the latch and route the cable thru the firewall and mount under the dash next to the parking brake and you have a secure hood. A coil/fuel pump disconnect is a good (and easy) safety backup. I had a coil disconnect switch under my dash of my car but I did something a little different. I purchased a flashing 12v red led light (like they use on alarm systems) and mounted it into my dash. I purchased a Dual Mode Dual Throw (DMDT) switch which allowed me to either switch on the coil when I drove the car and when I wanted to secure it I would toggle the switch which would kill the coil and at the same time turn on the flashing led. I did not have an alarm on the car but the flashing red light would be a deterrent to a possible theft.
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    Ridge Runner

    408 Hemi stroker

    Not sure about the wrinkles ,but i bet it could smooth out a wallet
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    Website outage and upgrades

    Sorry for the long outage we had lady's and gentlemen. There was a vulnerability in the forum software that was taken advantage of which caused us to go over our bandwidth for the month. To stop this from happening in the future I have upgraded our servers to another plan and I have re-upped our forum license and updated the software. We were running on older server hardware that was in use since 2004 that would not work with this new shiny forum. I will be altering the website from time to time but we should not have anymore outages unless there are new problems. If you see any issues with the new forum let me know.