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    Ridge Runner

    Question for RPM

    You spelled Anheuser wrong ,and most people just call it Budweiser !
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    Question for RPM

    Sure...blame your Alzheimer's on a couple of concussions. We all know better.
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    Question for RPM

    Dude, I'll be 63 in a few months, and I've had more than a couple of concussions. I can't remember where my car keys are. And I lived across the street from the dealership in 1979! And had them do some body work on my pickup. Sheesh. My neighbor worked for them back in the day, but he's at the doctor. When he calls me back I'll let you know.
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    Merry Christmas from Down Under

    Christmas Eve down here, just want to say Merry Christmas from the Ozzies , be safe
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    Mach1 Driver

    Fastback inner rockers

    Currently the only way to put inner rockers into a fastback or coupe is to use remanufactured sheet metal parts for a convertible. Yes it would be much easier to add sub frame connectors, but the only test available shows that SFCs do zero for torsional stability. When FORD decided how to strengthen the convertible they used inner rockers. The current method looks like this: see pics There will more posts to show what I propose as an alternative. This is a test to see how visible the drawings are when inserted here. That went well, more pictures to come!!
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    I went a little on the cheap side. I’d heard bad things about some of the aftermarket bezels, so I bought an original that had seen better days and made my own. Ended up cutting out the sides and epoxying some 16 gauge on the outside. Works well, fits, and cost me a lot less than the aftermarket stuff.
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    I’m not sure we want pictures of your back side... ... or your knob! :-)
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    Went back on face book and called him out ,he didnt respond this time ,i am almost sure he is from one of the shops building the new bodies . Just imagine everyone that has had to replace frame rails or do extensive repairststructural parts of their cars , i have yet to see a car that someone has been killed in because it was welded with a mig . I have removed a lot of panels ,and structural metal from cars ,and i can tell you they come apart much easier with factory spot welds than a part that has been mig welded
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    Mach1 Driver

    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Sorry Vic, I should be arrested for hijacking. Yes it would be easier to put in SFCs but I've seen a test that shows that they do zero for torsional twist and inner rockers are the way that Ford decided to strengthen the vert when they took the roof off, so I'll stick with that. Latoracing from your picture it looks like the rocker only extends back about 6-8" more from where you welded. I like the fillet you did and wondered why Street or Track didn't do that also. Ridge you are always a wealth of information. Do you think that could be done if the floor was left in- my floor is still in excellent condition. I plan on custom sheet metal for the inner rockers that won't require me to cut the floor from the outside rockers. I should probably start a post on this and get all of your expertise.
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    I did not use the original bracket. There is an inner DIN 1 shell that mounts in the stock location. The new head unit inserts into that. Then just support it from the back and you are ready to rock.
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    Some of the sheetmetal just arrived. Decided to go with Dynacorn's "Weldthru Primer" version. Still waiting on a few more on back order, then I can get started. We will see how well it fits. Already had a NOS OEM RH inner fender apron.
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    69 mach 408w build

    a few status updates.... engine has been at the shop since mid November. the pistons were spec'd out and made very quickly which helped. It looks like it will end up in the 13 to 13.5: 1 range as hoped. A lot of the machine work on the block and work/balancing on the rotating assembly is finished (need to rework crank snout/modify damper). he is working on things like clearancing pushrod holes, etc. I think it's likely to have the engine running in a month or so. a lot of work to get the undercarriage and trunk into the first coats of primer.... started hanging the panels to see how bad things are (not too bad). The original hood is just to help align the fenders, then I will put on the teardrop.
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    Here is one of the photos i posted before. Look carefully at the bottom image as it might be hard to see what it is depicting. If one has driveshaft angles like this, i will definitely cause a vibration. This is the last example in my post above that I was trying to explain. The driveshaft must always be downhill more than the trans AND uphill more than the diff, or vise versa.
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    Ridge Runner

    Santa Came Early

    He can drive it like it was
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    Nice write-up, now I'm going to have to do it dang nab it! There are various ways to deal with this. The attached PDF will show you two. Personally I would go with the top one. It uses a single switch like this: https://www.zoro.com/honeywell-toggle-switch-dpdt-10a-277v-screw-12ts15-7/i/G4674092/feature-product?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiO7msZjA3wIVjqOzCh28eAfMEAQYASABEgICWfD_BwE. The lower one uses a diode like you suggested, but it only drives the valve with forward current. You wouldn't want to make it 5A because that would be a honking big diode, so you would need to put an ammeter on the valve and see how much current it uses- when the alternator is charging (that raises the voltage and current goes up with it). LUMBAR CIRCUIT.pdf
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    69 Vert project

    Got my rear corners in from RidgeRunner! He is a life saver. Drilled them out, blasted, and primed them.
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    My Christmas present to myself

    Well, after having the trans in and out numerous times , i rebuilt the trans and had a new converter made as when we opened the old one it was ready to self destruct. I am going to put it in this weekend, this is my Christmas present to me. If it s#$ts itself again, it's top loader time, i am really over it.!!!!!!!!!!! Crap job done by the previous trans shop. Converter is bullet proof. Will handle plenty.
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    My Password problem has been fixed! So nice to be able to log in without having to do a password reset. Thanks again bswor for your help.
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    Rear drum lockout system?

    Wouldn't a line lock setup like drag racers use work? Locks the front lines instead of disabling the rears but the result is about the same.
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    69 mach 408w build

    thank you for the comment. the block seems fine. you'll need to finish the decks and bores . I changed to main studs so he honed the mains. I'm confident that they would have verified those regardless though. I bought it from summit.
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    69 Vert project

    Yes he is! He's also one of the good guy's who doesn't mind sharing parts or knowledge.
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    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    I haven't had a lot of experience chasing down issues like you are having. But in my experiences these are items that have contributed to it. These might not all apply to your issue. - Out of balance wheels or driveline. - Motor mounts and/or trans mount. This happens more often than you'd expect for odd vibration issues. These are usually inexpensive and sometimes worth replacing if there is no other obvious cause. - Trans tailshaft bushing worn out. - Universal joints. - Bad tire(s). More common with road noise than vibration issues. - Bent rear axle(s) or wheel(s) (uncommon). I'm not saying rule out the driveline angle. But unless you changed something in the suspension or drivetrain, I wouldn't think that would be off.
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    Need opinion on wheel choice

    No, you are not stuck with the vintage look. However if you change the wheels to something more modern then you are putting yourself in the position of needing to update numerous other things on the car to meet and match the look you are then going with. You have a car there in good condition. If your car needed a paint job and interior and everything done, then it would be just a matter of matching up all the looks to the theme you are looking for. I am a big fan of setting a theme and sticking with it. Nothing bothers me more than to see someone spend tons of money on good parts that do not match a theme or look and then they have a car that looks like a mismatched hodgepodge. The top hot rod designers are masters of getting the look and theme right. The local punk kid often does it all wrong. Remember the last time you saw a stock minivan with very modern 20s on it and rubber band tires? Looks weird huh? Have you ever wondered why that 65 Shelby clone always looks so sharp? It's all old technology, all following an old pattern. That's because it's a classic look that is accepted by everybody. It is your car and I don't want to tell you what you should do with it, however I don't want to see you start spending money at random and going in circles trying to figure out why you are not getting where you want to be. Take a look at the cars that some of the members here have, some have done a great job of hitting the target for looks of a theme. Look at the Internet and magazines and find the look you really drool over. Then look at your car and see what the difference are. That is the beginning of setting the theme that you want. Also remember that you can go with a modern theme with modern wheels. After a few years or a decade that look could be gone and you may be wanting to change the car again. How many 80s hot rods have you seen in great hardly used condition but look totally out of date? One benifit of the vintage look is that it already went out of style and has come back to stay. Odds are that vintage look will never go out of style again. So as I am dragging on, it is your car so do with it what will make you happy. However consider this. If you are going to start throwing money at the car to change the look, how about getting a different car and start to build in it the image you have in your head. In the end you could end up with two badass cars that each have their own personality Bob