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    Completed some oil pans

    Here are pictures of a completed pan based in n the T sump kits I am making. just got them back from plating
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    The Bitch is Back!

    Welp, since I had nothing else to do I figured I might as well swap out the old small 13" 2001 Cobra front brakes and make some brackets to mount 14.2" rotors and 4 piston Brembo calipers. I used 1/2" MDF to get the pattern correct, then made the brackets out of 6061-T6. I used the steel spindle bracket from the Cobra calipers, and had to clock the caliper so the aluminum bracket isn't symmetrical. I've got good pedal feel so I believe I'll take it for a spin tomorrow.
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    I finally placed my order for new wheels and tires. I ordered Specialty Magnum 500 from Summit with 235/60 on 15x7 for the front and 245/60 on 15x8 for the rear. I orignally wanted to go 15x8 all around but a combination of hearing there could be fit issues with 15x8 on the front and that it just looks better staggered got me to this point. I'm getting Cooper Cobras from Discount Tire Direct. This will probably blow my car budget for 2019 and since it is ready to drive other than wheels and tires I am pretty excited.
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    Car Mounted on Rotisserie. Questions?

    Ridge, this is a great story. I understand your loss of your nephew, it is terrible to go through such a thing. I lost my brother 10 years ago to a similar situation. You try to do all you can to make their time as valuable as you can. Even if he could not drive it, he could dream. I am sure he still does. Thanks for sharing.
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    @1969_Mach1 Ended up ordering the wheels from Summit. They beat out CJPony price and delivery. The tires were ordered from Discount Tire Direct. CJPony did have best price on center caps and lug nuts though.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

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    69 Vert project

    Im quickly going broke! I dont know where another $7K just went, but this damn thing should be driving around by now ! just ordered rear leafs, another vintage air unit, and those AN fittings will slowly kill your wallet. hey, anybody have a mass air meter and tube for a 93?
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    Spent the entire day today scraping sealant and under coating. Son was home from school, so he got a scrapper too!!! Just about have it knocked out. Not a fun job. Bummer was finding rust on passenger side floor panels, front and rear. I was not expecting that. Just ordered up a couple of replacements. Interestingly, the rust is isolated to specific areas so no need to replace the whole panel. I'll likely just make patch panels.
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    Slip yoke to trans clearance?

    Is that measurement taken with the weight on the leaf springs ? If so you are good
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    So, I'm making some progress now. Rotisserie built and car mounted. Spoke with media blaster just yesterday. Will likely be taking it in for blasting before months end. This car has been stored away since the early 80's and I long to drive her again. Turned 59 last month, males in my family don't have good longevity. Race for time....LOL!
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Since the 1/2" round rod didn't quite fit the bill, the alternative hangers require a little bit of machining. Chucked up some 1018 1" solid bar in the lathe, turned it down to fit the inside diameter of some 1.125" DOM 1/8" wall CRS tube. The bar was drilled with a 3/8" bit and chopped into .3125" washers. Getting my washers all de-burred and the tubing cut to size, the 3/8" grade 8 bolts were tack welded to the washers... and then welded into the 1.125" tubing. I removed 1/2" of thread off of the end of the bolt so it didn't stick out too much past the nylon lock nut that will be used later on. I am cheating a little as these are basically what I built for my car... much easier the second time around. Letting those parts cool off a little, the mounting plates needed to be shaped and drilled. After getting the outer parts fit to the rear floorboard the inside doubler was bent and trimmed to fit. I used a scrap piece of 20ga between the two to simulate the floorboard and pilot drilled through all the layers. Once I was happy with this setup, the outer part was placed on the car lining it up on the Center Line I had marked earlier and pilot drilled them in place. I went ahead and reamed the outside plate holes to 1/4" along with the floorboard and the inside doubler received a little larger 5/16" hole to help with alignment. I needed to get the standoffs fried in place so they were attached with just a little heat. These are actually painted and on the car, but I didn't take any pictures with them in place. I've got to get some seam sealer around the edges and a little more paint touch up once the hangers are all complete. Now to fab the rest of the hangers...
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    Slip yoke to trans clearance?

    From what I have read the driveshaft has to be from a 2WD Explorer.
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    Slip yoke to trans clearance?

    I don't know about the 4x4 either but I'm thinking the 4x4 rear drive shaft is a little shorter.
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    I can tell ya right now that if you want to pack a set of new mustang seats into one of our cars the seat riser's will have to go given your 6' height..or you could go with a MTF drop in headliner to get some head room, but the new seats from about 2010 and up are way tall..I have a set from a 2012 we test fit Into my friends 69 as well as his wife's 68 FB and it's a tight squeeze and my head almost touched head liner at 5'-9" tall. If you want the lowest possible seat height and wish to leave the risers try a set of Fiero seats and an upholstery kit from Mr. Mike's Fiero seats...besides the fiero seats look much better than the SN seats and are more comfy
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    New welder

    I used a mig on several projects and was pretty good at it (I thought so anyways....). I switched to a tig on my current project (going on now for 4 years now and a lot of welding). I personally find it hard to go back to mig. personally tig is so much more flexible in terms of what you can weld. stainless, stainless to steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, etc and not even have to change gas mix. it's cleaner (no spatter, smoke all over the welding lens), you control how much filler metal to add, you can fuse metal without even adding metal, you can move metal around, etc. the ability to tack pieces together without adding metal, also makes the final weld joints look better. the different torches and parts allows access to a lot more very hard to get to weld joints that the mig gun can't get to. additionally, since it's much more precise, cleaning/dressing welds after goes a whole lot faster. I probably use the tig over 95% of the time. a water cooler is very nice. the small torch is so much easier to use compared to the larger torches. with the gas cooled, I found it very difficult to wait for the torch extra time to cool. but that's just me. clearly a lot of people own both processes and likely use a mig a lot more than the tig.
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    I bought these from Coker tire a few months back, they are Specialty Wheels. Looks like they are around 14.5"
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    Craig from New Zealand

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    Ridge Runner

    Car Mounted on Rotisserie. Questions?

    I put them in epoxy primer on the rotisserie but i paint them on jack stands off the rotisserie ,dont want any loose dirt or sand getting in the paint . The cars are both mine ,the 67 was my nephews ,i gave it to him on his 12th birthday ,he was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after and we lost him in 1999 . I didnt know it at the time but he made a will and left the car back to me ,he was 14 when we lost him . It has been sitting since 1999 . It is a GT390 with shelby fiberglass and i may finish it soon . The 69 is a CJ with Shelby fiberglass and i hope to have it off the rotisserie this summer
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    Car Mounted on Rotisserie. Questions?

    Thank you, Ridge. The rotisserie was primarily built using your plans as you posted on Stangnet. I liked your box configuration much better than the typical "T" configuration, much more stable. I took some ideas off other plans, as I wanted to be able to balance it better and get it on and off the rotisserie easier....don't have a lift. Really appreciate you for continued support and all that you contribute here at 69 Stang. People like you are what makes this place.
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    Drilled the Ford bolt pattern in some 14.2" front rotors. Awaiting some 4 piston Brembo calipers. Think I'll use the 13" that were on the front, in tree back.
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    69 coupe from SVK

    Mikee, nice work on the shock tower repairs. Mine were cracked also. You should probably drill the holes for the 1" lowering of the upper control arms while you are working in that area.
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    69 coupe from SVK

    After blasting I sprayed epoxy primer to seal the surface. In shock tower I spotted some weird sharp edge around one of spot welds. When car came back home I stripped this area and did penetration test to confirm my concerns. In total I found 1 crack on left and 2 cracks on right shock tower. So next step … shock tower reinforcement.
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    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    Here are all 4 videos combined and on a page with a streaming (embedded) player. http://redshost.com/gt350/video/startup/ Permanent Magnet High Torque mini starter arrived today. It's small and light. Before I installed it, I wanted to get the heat shield in place. I picked up a 12 x 24 sheet of 22ga sheet metal from Home Depot. I transferred my template to it and cut it out with my cutoff tool. Bent it, curved it, beat a curved edge into it, and did a few test fits. Turns out I need to trim a few areas where the bolts go through as the shield is hitting the block and trans cooler lines.
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    69 mach 408w build

    and you'll have to laugh at this. all I could read from underneath was what I thought was the word "DRY".