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    Galveston, Tx Sunrise

    Saturday morning came early last weekend. Got the old girl down the beach for a decent sunrise. A few pics for anyone interested. The big old hotel in a couple of the pics is Hotel Galvez' on the seawall. Beach pictures taken down on East Beach. They put too many poles up down there, making donuts a bit dangerous - but you know a few got made. Was a nice quiet morning out with the mistress... Jay
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    69 Restomod (UK)

    She is now on the rollover jig and strateed stripping the factory underseal off. I’m quite surprised how solid it is, she’s had 2 No. rear 1/4 with outer wheel well and LHS torque box at some point, quite good work carried out. more pics to follow chris
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    This finger?
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    OK, I am going to go throw a weird one at you. Maybe your problem is related to mine, but probably not. your problem is more likely a connection problem. However, I had a similar radio cutting out problem with my retrosound, except mine would cut out when I revved the engine from low speed to high, but it only seemed to happen when the car was fresh out of the garage. Also, if the car was brought back to dead idle, radio would play again -even fresh out of the garage. weird thing was, drive it a few miles, and this cut-out would go away. So, after me living with this for a long while, and pondering it, but not coming up with anything, a friend rides with me and sees this weird behavior and has a genius insight - he says "do you have an original voltage regulator?" yes. "well then, I think maybe your radio is seeing unacceptable voltages when the alternator is kicked in at higher RPMS. The alternator kicks in much more often immediately after the car has started after it's been sitting in garage. After you drive the car a bit, the battery gets charged up - so alternator not kicking in - and symptom stops. Maybe you should try a new solid-state VR." Freaking genius insight. Sure enough, a new solid state VR solved my radio cutting out problem completely. Now, in your case, the radio cuts out at low speed - when another electrical system is engaged. So perhaps the current draw of the blinker system causes the voltage the radio is getting to somehow change to a temporarily unacceptable amount. Car equilibrates voltages are a few moments and radio comes back on. At high RPMs voltage is sufficiently regulated to not cause a problem in the circuit. Do you have an old-style VR with resistors on the back? is a good question to ask if you can't trace it to bad ground or bad connection. Above image is what the back of my old VR looked like (I believe it is original with the car). The new Solid State versions don't look like this. Most likely, this is not your problem, but at least I stuck to the "radio cuts out" theme. Hope this wasn't too much of a thread high-jack! Jay
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    The libtarts are willing to spend 2 Trillion to destroy economy & cause riots because it is their game plan to hurt Trump. They want to take him down at all costs.
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    Headlight bucket fitment

    I had tried the washer already. I looked at my other fender and I saw where it didn’t have any gap between the inner bucket and the fender at the bottom. The fender that didn’t fit has an 1/8” gap. I drilled out the spot welds and moved it to match the other one and now it lines up perfect. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    and tin foil underwear I made my own, but they make too much noise walking thru Walmart
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    69 R-code for sale

    Freshly restored Mach1 , R-code, 4-spd, Red with White interior. 3:50 trac-loc rear, Mag 500s $68500.00 nibrocpapa@gmail.com 540-809-0006
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    Ridge Runner


    Just added a red dot and laser to my 30 carbine ,i dont need to see in the dark ,what the light hits is not going to like it.
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    Ridge Runner


    Never worked a day in their lives brainwashed kids .they can push people around but if you push back they scream brutality ,i say we bring in Mad Max ! I am locked and loaded ,no one is getting in here with out a fight
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    Ridge Runner


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    69 Convertible build

    Over this last weekend I installed the Eastwood version of dynamat. Also installed the firewall insulation, and rebuilt my steering column.
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    69 Restomod (UK)

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, yes it’s hard to believe we do get sun in the U.K. on occasions.! i live as far as south as you can get in U.K. literally as close to `France as you can get across the English channel, and we do get more sun here then rest of The U.K., which is saying a lot, lol.
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    Brian Conway

    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Now that's serious. Is that the 2nd gear scratch/wiggle out there in the distance ?
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    It could also be a bulb issue? Try to replace one bulb at time see if you can isolate the problem. Sometime the contact in the socket oxidized and cause mild shortage, clean contact area with dielectric grease. Last solution, get a voltage reading on the bulb, and radio terminal
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    OK...turn signal and radio are on the same fuse circuit, as is the backup lamps. Probably what's happening is a loss of voltage across those fuse clips, Look at the top left-most fuse. On the other hand, your car could be haunted by the ghost of Lee Iacocca. I'd say three Hail Mr. Fords and spray any anti-Chebby disinfectant you can find.
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    universal joint replacement

    I would just replace the u joints with two new ones & call it a day.
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    Yes it does. It points to the headlight to fusebox area as the problem.
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    Accelerator linkage hardware

    Exactly what I needed. Thanks
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    Brian Conway

    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Might give this guy a call ?
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    Brian Conway

    Mach 1 Reflective Side Stripes

    Sorry no buying experience or recommendations. Still running with the originals. Please excuse the slight discoloration at the rear wheel. I'm sure you understand. Brian
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    Rear brake hose

    Hose for the 71 came in today, we have a winner. Threads on block and hose are correct left hose- 69 center hose- new 71 repop right hose- factory 70 part number on bag from oreilys
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    Just got the flaming river steering box. Thanks so much!
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    Radio cuts off when turn signal starts

    +1 (plus shipping and handling!!! *LOL)
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    Ridge Runner


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    67 fastback

    Put my scoops on to see what they look like painted. I can't install them until I have the grilles.
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    It is Time

    Tinman, didn't know this was you. I followed you home a few months ago, I was checking out the rear flip windows on your original for fitment in comparison with mine. Small world.
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    67 fastback

    This one is heading home :)
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    69 Convertible build

    Someone likes green :)
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    If I you, I'd stick with the K power box which gets minimal wear. Most F manual boxes are plumb worn out. What's your budget? I've got a tight 16:1 K box that I'd rather not just give away. I've also got a Flaming River 16:1 box with less than 7k miles that I'll sell for $200 + $20 shipping.
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    Low oil pressure?

    Some good reading for the subject: http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/interior-electrical/mump-1005-ford-mustang-instrument-panel-troubleshooting/
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    67 fastback

    Here's one that's getting picked up this morning. The customer liked the notch I did in my decklid, so we did the same on his.
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    Long Headers for 69 with 351W

    Scoop is original nonfunctional with turn signal indicators, I posted for Jerry above he wanted to know what the doug's D669y's sounded like. In his case tho with a stroker and if he adds an H or X pipe the note will probably be a little different.
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    67 fastback

    It going together:) Thinking about taking it to the Good Guy's show in Columbus on July 10th.
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    50th birthday thread

    Just checked on my 69 GT convert and it was built on June 6th, but it wasn't released until June 11th, 51 years ago today. Cool.
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    When she announced him, she disrespected him there too. I thought is was great when he turned his back to her and did not shake her hand. I detest the woman.
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    that is crazy and sad! But letting the mob take down the castle was a very bad idea. In fact its what gave everyone a pass to do this shit globally. You MUST command order. and for those 20 year old white kids, you should have beaten them with that bat til the parents cry.
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    Ridge Runner

    Me first ! Its back !

    And dont go away again!
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    She is amazing !
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    covid 19, whats that? Its amazing they arrested a woman for "talking" about a protest against covid. Now these POS gov's are saying people have a right to protest (riot)
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    Sad isn’t it. I am 2nd generation. My Dad didnt want my bro or I to join up but we did. Now big bro has ticked over 39 years whilst I have only done 36. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone really - even though 95% of people are very supportive and acknowledge the work done. It’s okay at the senior ranks when you are older not having to deal with the shit all day every day but its a tough gig for the young ones.
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    NO ! dont take that job! I called on NYPD PBA and asked why they did not call a sick out for 35,000 cops. Let the city that tries to hang cops handle this shit if they feel cops do a bad job.
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    69 351W running issues

    I educated myself more and followed some of the advice on this thread and readjusted the valves. That seems to have been the issue. Haven't driven it yet, but the idle is now smoother and consistent, vacuum does not drop, and best of all I can put it in gear and it doesn't die.
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    EFI Conversion: it's ALIVE!

    I'll post more details once I get a chance to sit down and sort though things, however it's ALIVE after the first turn of the key. Inglese intake, Holley Terminator X ECU. I had to re-do the IAC wiring (the idle is a bit high in my first start-up video here) so my idle rpm and idle a/f are bang on. It's coil- for spark, so dual-sync distributor is next... hopefully link works: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pjxve7SniZCodY1X9
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    Mines been in the shop a few months. She got a NARDI steering wheel, modern BAER brakes in front, 18” Halibrand wheels wrapped in modern MICHELINs. last year I gave her new speakers & amp, EIBACH shocks, sway bars & springs w 1.5” drop in front cus she was riding way high when I got her
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    67 fastback

    Might as well have a polished MTF tank :)
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    Replaced my old gauges with Dakota Digital RTX Vintage Series. Definitely and awesome product, super easy to calibrate on your phone.
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    69 SuperCoupe

    Thanks The spacers are drill guides. I attached them with JB Weld. I didn't want to screw them up trying to weld them as they were kinda pricey so I figured they would be fine once the bracket was bolted to the head (7/16-14 bolts). Don't think they're going anywhere. I borrowed the Idea from And this

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