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    Ridge Runner

    Question for RPM

    You spelled Anheuser wrong ,and most people just call it Budweiser !
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    Question for RPM

    Sure...blame your Alzheimer's on a couple of concussions. We all know better.
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    Question for RPM

    Dude, I'll be 63 in a few months, and I've had more than a couple of concussions. I can't remember where my car keys are. And I lived across the street from the dealership in 1979! And had them do some body work on my pickup. Sheesh. My neighbor worked for them back in the day, but he's at the doctor. When he calls me back I'll let you know.
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    Merry Christmas from Down Under

    Christmas Eve down here, just want to say Merry Christmas from the Ozzies , be safe
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    Some of the sheetmetal just arrived. Decided to go with Dynacorn's "Weldthru Primer" version. Still waiting on a few more on back order, then I can get started. We will see how well it fits. Already had a NOS OEM RH inner fender apron.
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    69 mach 408w build

    a few status updates.... engine has been at the shop since mid November. the pistons were spec'd out and made very quickly which helped. It looks like it will end up in the 13 to 13.5: 1 range as hoped. A lot of the machine work on the block and work/balancing on the rotating assembly is finished (need to rework crank snout/modify damper). he is working on things like clearancing pushrod holes, etc. I think it's likely to have the engine running in a month or so. a lot of work to get the undercarriage and trunk into the first coats of primer.... started hanging the panels to see how bad things are (not too bad). The original hood is just to help align the fenders, then I will put on the teardrop.
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    Here is one of the photos i posted before. Look carefully at the bottom image as it might be hard to see what it is depicting. If one has driveshaft angles like this, i will definitely cause a vibration. This is the last example in my post above that I was trying to explain. The driveshaft must always be downhill more than the trans AND uphill more than the diff, or vise versa.
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    Ridge Runner

    Santa Came Early

    He can drive it like it was
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    Nice write-up, now I'm going to have to do it dang nab it! There are various ways to deal with this. The attached PDF will show you two. Personally I would go with the top one. It uses a single switch like this: https://www.zoro.com/honeywell-toggle-switch-dpdt-10a-277v-screw-12ts15-7/i/G4674092/feature-product?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiO7msZjA3wIVjqOzCh28eAfMEAQYASABEgICWfD_BwE. The lower one uses a diode like you suggested, but it only drives the valve with forward current. You wouldn't want to make it 5A because that would be a honking big diode, so you would need to put an ammeter on the valve and see how much current it uses- when the alternator is charging (that raises the voltage and current goes up with it). LUMBAR CIRCUIT.pdf
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    69 Vert project

    Got my rear corners in from RidgeRunner! He is a life saver. Drilled them out, blasted, and primed them.
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    Gear Vendors Overdrive

    On my 351w/fmx/9 inch, I used an AOD (same case as AODE & 4R70W) and the drive shaft didn't need to be shortened. Now if you use an OD trans from a truck or van, the tail housing is one inch longer. I was also able to use the stock trans cross member after modifying it so both side mounting bolts are in single shear. One side has 2 ears that mount to the chassis, and the wider side interfered with the trans pan. As far as FMX vs C4, I measured both of mine and all the mounting point measurements were the same. If there is a next time, I'll be using a 4R70W.
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    My Christmas present to myself

    Well, after having the trans in and out numerous times , i rebuilt the trans and had a new converter made as when we opened the old one it was ready to self destruct. I am going to put it in this weekend, this is my Christmas present to me. If it s#$ts itself again, it's top loader time, i am really over it.!!!!!!!!!!! Crap job done by the previous trans shop. Converter is bullet proof. Will handle plenty.
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    69 mach 408w build

    they are 295/55 (28x12.5). not a huge tire, but given I don't have it jacked up in the back, it's pretty much maxed out for a Falcon considering worst case suspension travel (e.g. full compression on one side) and the fact the housing has about 1/4" clearance to the floor. …..also a few more engine pics if anyone is interested.....
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    I just meant to close the loop on this event: 23 cars eventually attended. Only one 1970 Boss, no 69. Perfect weather for a perfect day. Tracking these cars is an absolute blast! Our next event is set for 22, 23 June 2019. G
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    Craig from New Zealand

    That's our MTF bumper. We started making them 5 years ago. This came about when a customer furnished us one from the only company at the time making them. After spending close to 40 hours to make it fit, we decided to make our own. That's pretty much how we end up making new parts.
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    FWIW; my car, pretty much stock, measures 8.25" to the bottom of the floor 'pinch' or 9" to the bottom of the rockers. Measured at about the middle of the car. Brian
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    I did a little research on tires. The widest you can put on the front without hitting slightly under some conditions is 235/60-15 (per Barnett468) In that size we are limited to manufacturers. Cooper makes theirs and 7 other brands: Avalon, Cooper, Dean, Mastercraft, Mickey Thompson, Roadmaster, Sears Guardsman, and Starfire. Three come in that size: Cooper, Mickey Thompson, and Starfire Coker makes vintage style tires in 5 brands: Michelin, Firestone, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, and M&H. Two come in that size: BF Goodrich, and M&H. Other manufactures of this size are: Milestar (Taiwan), Vitour (China), Carlisle (Pennsylvania), Pirelli (Italy), Centennial (China) So it seems to boil down to three well known companies: Cooper, Cooker, and Pirelli. The Pirelli's don't come in raised white letters and are around $277 each. So that leaves Cooper or Coker. The Coopers rate 2 out of 5 and the Coker BF Goodrich 1.5 out of 5. The Coopers are cheaper. Pick your poison. If there are others please share.
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    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Your driveshaft goes uphill 2.85 degrees from the trans? What is the angle from the pinion to the driveshaft? Ideally, the amount of driveshaft angle at the trans and pinion should be exactly the same but in opposite directions. For typical street use, anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 degrees seems to be fine in my experience. The higher the speed, the straighter the shaft should be providing it is never exactly parallell to the trans and pinion for a prolonged period because the u joints will not "rotate" in this position which can cause premature u joint wear. One of the major issues with setting up the driveshaft angle, is that on a leaf spring suspension that does not have a torque bar like a old SS Camaro has, the springs will flex (develop a slight S shaped bow) under load, which allows the pinion to rise. The greater the load, the higher the pinion will rise, which of course changes its angle relative to the driveshaft. This means that the angle of the shaft will change the harder one accelerates and the faster one goes. The pinion can rise several degrees in some cases, but I typically allow for around 1 - 1 1/2 degrees in rise at freeway speed on standard leaf spring type applications. Some others do it differently but this is the method that has worked for me. .
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    Mach1 Driver

    Santa Came Early

    Hey its not stolen is it? Just kiddin', enjoy!
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    Crashed my Fastback - The rebuild thread

    She's looking real good. Better than her younger days. 50? Hell, I'd do her :)
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    Gear Vendors Overdrive

    Once again, thank you all for the advice. It's a tough call. Unfortunately, I haven't got the opportunity to buy a second hand transmissions and have someone with experience to re-build it in Aus. In rough figures, it would cost around A$4K for GV and around $6K for 4R70W with the necessary options and controller. It's expensive but it would be great to have better fuel economy on longer trips. Added to my concern is I don't know the condition of the FMX. I have owned the car for 6 yrs but I don't have history before that. The box operates well although it only holds first gear for a very short time and tends to "clunk" into reverse at times. If the FMX is in good shape then GV is a good option. But if I had to re-build the FMX then maybe the 4R70W. It is something I will have to decide on in the new year. Cheers and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Peter
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    I have successfully used USC's All-Metal filler a few times. Since it uses their special "Clear" hardener I believe it is epoxy based with aluminum particles embedded within it. I do know that when it has properly cured, it is Very Hard. I have even drilled and tapped it to accept small bolts and machine screws. I have a few projects that I will be using it on next spring, including a rear extension panel. Merry Christmas to ALL!!!
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    Gear Vendors Overdrive

    This may not be an answer you like, but I strongly recommend going with a 4r70w if you want an automatic with overdrive. The fmx flexplate and crossmember work for the 4r70w swap as well, and the factory hard lines can be cut and modified to work with the 4R. I think I remember that the slots in the crossmember just need to be widened a bit. There is the possibility of driveline angle issues with the gear vendors tailshaft, but this isn't always the case. The GV units have good reputations, but their overdrive is .80 I believe and the 4r70w is numerically lower (this is a good thing for highway cruising/mpg). That means you can get numerically higher rear gears and have the benefits of more acceleration, without increasing highway cruise rpm. Not to mention a 4r70w by itself is a ton lighter than an fmx with a GV unit, and since it has lower rotating mass that also means more HP eaten turning the driveline = less efficiency as well. I was damn near doing this swap myself, when I came across a great deal on a toploader...so I'm prepping for that now. Even if they are a good product, which is what I have read, to me they really don't make sense.
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    I wonder what this guy thinks about the various "glues" that manufacturers are now using to join sheet metal together. Fusor comes to mind as one of these "glues" that is quite popular these days.