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    No, it will most likely be at a buddy's place above Hart Park and the Kern River. He has a nice place with some acreage and facilities. We usually hold it at local parks, but Bakersfield has smaller neighborhood parks that the needed facilities. The few larger parks require big fees which we aren't set up to cover.
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    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Put the Mustang up on jack stands so I can get under it & start running the fuel lines.
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    I did construction at that prison for a couple of years ,i hated that drive out there ,could have been worse though i guess ,i could have been a resident !
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    Mike65's 69 Coupe build

    Hi Vic, I am planning on using the RTX gauges. I ran the 2 ground wires one from the sender & one from the fuel pump to one of the gas tank bolts.
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    We had to go into the food court to frame a couple of walls at lunch time ,about 100 convicts in there at the time ,they told us before entering if any thing happens stand still and the guards would intervene. ,my tool bag weighed about 75 pounds with tools and a pouch full of screws and a drill .of course one of the cons grabbed my drill and pointed it at me like it was a gun ...i was thinking i was going to have to go Chuck Norris on his ass when a voice inside my head said" BUT YOU DONT KNOW KARATE"! standing there like a deer in the headlights the guard slapped him in an arm lock and i grabbed my drill and boogied it out of there but, that was only the first time i had an interaction with one of the cons !

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