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    Vintage Air A/C duct routing

    I think it is a good package, and the heater box and blower are on the right side, so no other way to easily do it. There just isn't a whole lot of room under there.
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    Restored 69 Carb

    BobW that code on your carb is that a U? I'm fortunate in that I have a local guy who worked for Holley for 3 decades and a mechanic do 2 69 M code carbs for me and when I put one on my 428 I did zero adjustments. He is mostly a Chevy carb guy who does not advertise.
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    Ridge Runner

    60 70 rear seat side panels .

    What RPM said ! There is a plastic primer you can get at your local automotive paint supplier also but i cant remember the name of it . Scuff with a green scotch brite first
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    Ididit tilt columns now fit FORD

    Works for me...I guess I'm special!

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