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    Brake Noises

    I am WELL acquainted with those boots! I chased a rattling front-end noise for YEARS, tightening everything I could get a wrench on, replacing everything rubber I could find. Finally, someone here mentioned to me to check those insulators, and lo and behold all of them were missing!! What a pain! Since this was my first Mustang, I didn't know that they were supposed to be there! So yes, those have been replaced! Is it possible that the pins are sticking slightly, causing the flex in the caliper? I lubed them when I replaced the brakes, but maybe not good enough. I also had to take a razor blade and puncture the end of the boot, because the suction was causing me problems removing the pins.
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    30K and another 60K and you would have a nice ride.
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    Anyone looking for a 1969 fastback?

    Rottsa ruck.

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