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    Front end alignment equipment

    I've used a kitchen or large garbage trash bag, folded over, under each wheel to assist in caster/camber measuring. The tool that I have is an old bubble gauge, but quite accurate. It was also quite cheap, less than $50, IIRC.
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    Grey is probably the carb anti-stall wire. You can ignore that. The PRNDL wire is brown or blue/red. And yes, the BU and NSS wires are all in the same plug.
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    TKX transmission mount

    My TKO sits right across on the passenger side too. Using all MDL mounts. Seems to sit well front to rear in the hole, but not side to side.
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    What width 9" Rear do I need?

    While there are always variances I do believe the spring purch are 43” center to center same as the frame rails.
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    Mach1 Driver

    Front end alignment equipment

    Wait a minute, didn't I see that on an episode of MacGyver? ;)

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