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    Wheels Nationals 2022 Umeå, Sweden

    Posting these pictures a bit late since the event took place in the beginning on June 2022. Wheels National is one of, if not the biggest car show in Sweden and consists of 4 shows in different parts of the country. The Wheels National Norr (North) takes place in my town. Last year was the first year after a two year hiatus due to covid, and sadly the the usual area was probably around 50% smaller compared to previous years because they built a new arena there. Because of this only cars older than 1980 (I think) was allowed entry last year. Usually whoever has an old or somewhat special car is allowed entry as long as there is room. One corner of the show usually have a couple of hot rods and a truck or three. The day ends with a cruise around the city center for a couple of hours.
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    Camshaft for stock engine

    At least upgraded valve springs and screw in studs with adjustable rockers. I have this cam from howards , idle 800-850 rpm , 5800-6000 rpm max

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