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    Remember guys, I have a completely (mostly) unmolested 1970 fastback to get measurements and such off of. I am not without a guide. It is indeed more than I anticipated, but I genuinely look forward to it. Yesterday we cleaned and piled up our scrap. Going forward I hope to clean after each work session so we can maintain some level of clean. Also, parts continue to roll in.
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    Hi Vic, Yes, I used Ford 1971-73 rubber door jamb boots. They have plenty of space to run wires, they look stock if that matters, and they fit in the stock door jamb and kick panel positions on a 1969-70. The factory grommet hole sizes are larger on a 69-70 than the 71-73. If you have the luxury of drilling fresh holes, than the kick panel hole is 1 1/4" and the door jamb hole is 1 5/8". You can use the factory dimples if you have them. IF you are retrofitting them into a door that already has factory holes, then I suggest cutting off the grommets from the 69-70 harness and inserting the 71-73 boot ends into each of the 69-70 factory grommets or inserting them into another grommet of similar size. I had a factory door and a repro door, so unfortunately I had to do one of each. Inserting the boot ends into the factory grommets worked well, but just for added assurance, I used some black 3m rubber weather-strip glue to make certain they stayed together. They are many to choose from on eBay. Here is a set of 1987 Ford boots that look to be the same as the 71-73 boots.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/325160428669?hash=item4bb512647d:g:n0EAAOSwwp1iZDXr Then again you could find a set of aftermarket boots. https://www.keepitcleanwiring.com/catalog/Wire-Management/Billet-Door-Looms/KICDLOOMBLBK/12-Inch-Black-Stainless-Steel-Door-Loom---Pair Below is a picture of the 71-73 boots installed in my 70 Mach 1 (Top Left) using the factory holes, Installed in my 73 vert (Top & bottom RIght), and a pair of boots (Bottom Left).
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    Congratulations and good luck! Is the paint shop painting the panels on or off the car? I used a Mach 1 hood stripe temp from NPD. The shop laid down the black and then a mat clearcoat on, after painting the body color/clearcoat and sanding the clearcoat over the stripe area. The mat clear holds up real well to the elements and does not become shiny from wax. Others folks use Hotrod black. It has a nice rich black Mat finish that also holds up well. My rear trunk lid stripe is a tape stripe.
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Finally off to the paint shop after 5 years of working on the car! Will take around 60 days, I have use the shop before, they’re not really fast but they do very high-quality work I will need a recommendation on hood stripes, I’m not sure if I even want to use them, but if I do, looking for best possible quality product that you all have used.
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    Trying to finish up my trunk build before I go to paint. Mounted my Sub-Woofer, and fabricated panel for my marine access door on the drivers side. Last thing to do is to finish the passenger side where my battery is mounted, that will require some thought....
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    Print Dad

    1999 mustang radio stuck in

    New din tool arrived today. Mush heavier. inserted tool. Nothing… I have given up. Lol may just have aftermarket instslled thanks.. sam

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