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    1969 mach 1 restoration

    Totally agree with all mentioned. My restore started about the same, concentrate on safety first. Disk brakes, steering , lights, signals, new suspension etc. motor and transmission checked out, for freeze plugs , seals and gaskets, etc. Once these are done the paint and interior can follow. Above vendors are real good for parts.Takes time but is all worth it. When driving the car it will turn heads. Best of luck
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    1969 mach 1 restoration

    Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I bought a roller 1969 mustang back in march and I'm working on restoring it. I of course have a million questions and often times find myself feeling completely lost lol but i'm trying to take it one step at a time since its such a big project and I know it will end up being more expensive than i'm expecting. I'm sending it in next week to have some chassis work done (new floor pans, fixing some holes in the wheel wells, sandblasting, epoxy, etc.) because I felt like all of that should be done by a professional! My question for now is what's next, I feel like this is the first big thing I've done for the car, other than cleaning it out when I first got it and doing research as much as possible. Im sure there isn't an exact process but I just don't know exactly what direction I should go in after this, do I do electrical, brakes, interior? I know when it's time I want to put the 351 W in the car and I've been looking at the T5 transmission (5 speed manual trans, fairly sure it was common in the foxbody mustangs) Those are my basic questions for now, I've definitely got a lot to learn in this process but I'm excited to learn and watch the transformation of the car, it's crazy to think I have my dream car! I would love any advice anyone has!
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    Dash Bulbs

    The higher candlepower lamp may be hotter in actual temperature than the 194 bulb, and may cause your blue diffuser to melt...just a thought. You might want to consider LED bulbs as a replacement for anything but the alternator indicator lamp, which requires an incandescent bulb to work the voltage regulator.
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    1969 mach 1 restoration

    I agree with the others. Another thing I did when I first acquired my 69, whenever I realized a part was missing or un-restorable I typed it in my notes in my iPhone 4. I just documented the parts I wanted to buy as good used ford parts, not new parts as they are available anytime (not as true today). The list got huge, but eventually I found the pieces at swap meets, search tempest/Craigslist and eBay and such. I met several new friends with much more knowledge than me. 13 years later (today) and up to an iPhone 13, I’m down to 1 passenger side door glass. Don’t give it up, 69 sportsroofs has been my fav since I was 5 yo. I can say it’s worth the effort. You’ll meet plenty car guys and gals to help guide you. RPM certainly put you onto the best names. Everybody on this forum loves to see pics and help out. Vmf is a good resource too but not as family like as 69Stang.
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    1969 mach 1 restoration

    Welcome to the friendliest forum Kaitlyn, and congratulations on buying the best looking car ever club. As you know, 69 sportsroofs are hard to get nowadays due to their recent popularity. Good advice from Midlife above. If you haven't already done so, many people get a Marti report https://www.martiauto.com/martireports.cfm to find out a bit of info on their Mustang. It includes build dates and what parts and options your particular car was built with. Here are a few Mustang businesses that most enthusiasts believe are the best in their field. http://midlifeharness.com/ for wiring restoration. Randy was the first to reply to your post, is a plethora of information, and a swell guy. http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/ for all things steering and brakes. I highly recommend you at some point send him your steering box for a rebuild. After 53 years it needs it. Dan and Carol are also great people to deal with. https://opentrackerracing.com/ for all things suspension. John is also a great guy. If you call these guys, you will be talking to the owner. Just tell them what you are planning, or ask for advice, and you will get good, solid information. https://www.npdlink.com/ National Parts Depot (NPD) for parts. There are several other good Mustang vendors which will be mentioned to you during your build. Pics. We love pics here. At least I do. Especially pics of your 69 as it currently sits. We also like to know what part of the country you're from. If you don't care to list the town, a geographical location helps. And again, welcome to the forum.
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    1969 mach 1 restoration

    Get the body in shape, including everything that is structural. Without that foundation, everything else will be harder to do. Once done, concentrate on getting it to be a roller (brakes, steering, suspension) so you can trailer it to a paint shop in the future. Before paint, make sure the doors, fenders, windows, etc. all fit correctly. Then after paint, consider installing the wiring next, then the engine and interior. It will be a long process...so be patient.
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    1969 Mustang Coupe rebuild

    The plan is to fix it up and make it into a driver. It needs a lot of body work. Going to get it painted back to it's original colour as well. Silver jade

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