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    1969 Mustang Coupe rebuild

    Hi all I'm going to be documenting the entire rebuild. This is my time doing this so be gentle. Haha.
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    69 coupe from SVK

    Short update... So, thanks Bob, Kens videos are great, and to work on transmission with them really fun! My front band had to be replaced / relined so I decided to buy a flexible band. Unfortunately, use of this type of band requires other strut (as for 1972-73 fmx), so I’m still not able to assembly the trany – waiting parts to come. Maybe it might help someone, so I’m posting a picture how I solved installation of direct drum piston. I used thin plastic flowerpot (cut flash at bottom ad left some rest above for pulling it out) to press the seal ring, inserted inside the drum and by constantly pressing on piston I slowly removed the pot strip. Till struts arrive I started to rebuild side louvres an rewire the car.
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    Clock pod install

    If you are talking about the right side dash bezel with clock hole, tabs are attached to the dash pad. You install the clock bezel to dash pad out of the car, then install the dash pad with clock bezel to dash.
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    Relocating battery to the trunk

    I used an Optima battery with an off road mounting bracket. I also mounted my main disconnect switch, maxi fuse, and starter solenoid there. Will post some pics and a diagram of my power distribution and grounding systems fyi. Used military surplus Hummer battery cables, found on Ebay. I used large welding size cables and crimped/heat shrink my own lugs for the main power feed and starter feed. Power Distribution.pdf starter power wiring.pdf ground bus distribution.pdf

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