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    Mentorships and where to find them?

    Yup, you need correct levels of fuel, oxygen and ignition timing to get the most out of the engine.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Hi, I gave a sheet metal shop diagrams of what I wanted and they folded to suit, I then welded them in with some tweaking, I’ve also fitted a support on the inner rockers, similar to a convertible
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    Mentorships and where to find them?

    I would get a timing light with tach (like Innova 3568) instead of installing a separate tach (unless you want a tach inside the car). You need a timing light to adjust timing anyway; you can use the tach feature of the timing light for setting your idle etc.
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    ProFlo 4 anyone?

    Hi You cannot use a deep drop base without having issues with the the throttle linkage - I have tried ...it doesn't work without modifying the linkage. I also tried to use 2-3/4 height KN filter in order to gain some height but still not enough clearance with the hood. A 2 " air filter my clear the hood but I think it will be restrictive. I believe it is doable with a shaker hood but some modding of the system will be needed. Otherwise I am very happy with the system - I re-started my car after 14 months and it has just started as if it was fired one day ago, I think it is the best system in term of driveability and it is very easy to tune.

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