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    There is a company in Pennsylvania that makes a reproduction in dash tach that is pretty similar to the originals. It does not require any modifications to the original non tach wiring harness. The alternator warning light does function a little bit differently than an original though. It comes on for overvoltage and undervoltage. My paperwork said about 11.8v for undervoltage and about 14.2v for overvoltage. On my car it is actually about 11.5v for undervoltage and about 14.5v for overvoltage. I plug the tach directly into the tach output on my MSD 6AL box. On my dash cluster I chose to move the fuel gauge to the right side and I kept the alternator gauge on the left side, since I have temp and oil pressure gauges on the console. It could be setup just like an original tach car if a person wanted it that way though.
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    Ideas for adding tach to non-tach car?

    I have all Autometer gauges in an aftermarket instrument panel. I had to wire them in to the stock harness. That was not a big deal as the only things I need were 12V power, instrument light, and fuel gauge sending wire. I run a mechanical water temp and oil pressure gauges along with an electronic speedometer. My tach is wired into my MSD box velcro'd to the passenger side cowl above the vent.
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    Ideas for adding tach to non-tach car?

    You pretty much have nailed it. Easiest, cheapest option is a stand-alone tach. Would run $60-100. Aftermarket dash clusters are certainly not plug-n-play, fairly expensive, then add in your labor (or someone else's) to wire it and you're looking an $800+ easy. There's some jerk named Midlife that can convert underdash harnesses to tach compatible. But...you'll first need to find a factory tach dash. Those now run $1000-1500 in good shape. Add in wiring changes for everything forward of the tail-light and you're looking at another $3-400. Final option is to sell your car and find another one that already has a tach. Downside is that you now have a new set of unknown issues to fix...
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    dash clock

    I hate it when the garden hose gets a kink in it…
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    Mentorships and where to find them?

    If you are just going to cruise on sunny days, skip the EFI and stay with carb unless you are a good EFI tuner.

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