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    speed ometer stopped working

    Damnit. I could have retired trying to fix that mess!
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    speed ometer stopped working

    Oh I just knew you'd say something. They were all neatly zip tied to the main under dash harness, but took up too much room to fit the AC pieces I'm now installing. It'll work out fine grasshopper.
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    Boss 9 Tribute

    Nice update! So I had a flash of inspiration the other day. I unscrewed the firewall from the passenger side of the floor pan and used some ratchet straps to first pull the floorpan downward, then and used another 2 straps to get it positioned to where it looked right and level. I am happy to report that it is positioned really well now! I also fitted up the rear quarters, extensions and tail light panel. There are still gaps here and there but I think so far I have been really lucky with panel fitment. It would appear that aftermarket panels do fit well to each other. I have to take pics, but I also was able to fit the piece that goes between the back glass and the trunk. I used the original 69' for measurements and got it really spot on. Will post pics of that later.
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    speed ometer stopped working

    With all that spaghetti, be still my heart!
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    So we haven’t been standing still, we just haven’t started on it. Still finishing dads Dart. I am collecting parts where I can. Mainly when I see a good deal on original parts. I found a rear valence that needs some work but is in good shape. I found a grille support bracket as well. Finally, my Dynacorn floor came in! Got a killer deal on eBay, and it shipped direct from Dynacorn.

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