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    Yesterday I picked up a 1969 coupe. The best way to describe this car is it has been somebody else's project car. Its a base model 69 coupe. There are no power windows or power seats. A previous owner has swapped the 200CID for a 302 along with the usual things like aftermarket distributor, sensors, sending units. Most of the electronic things on the car work as expected. There are some things that are not working and some things that are just plane working wrong. For example, some of the headlights dont light up, one of the blinkers in the hood doesn't blink, and when you pull the knob to turn on the headlights, it also turns on the heater blower. I need to address the electrical in this car. I have not come across a really great and comprehensive wiring diagram. I have a bunch of ford shop manuals covering 1969, but they don't have much in the way about wiring. Is there a good resource out there for a complete wiring diagram that is easy to follow for the 1969 mustangs? And while looking into this, I am also considering trying one of those all-in-one kits to rewire the entire car. I see a couple different ones on the market. Is one of them better than the other? I see some of them say they only work with the aftermarket 1-wire alternator and only works with aftermarket ignitions. I think I would prefer one that worked with the stock configuration of the car and then let me pick and choose if I want to run a 1-wire alternator or MSD ignition box. Do you guys have any input to which complete wiring harnesses to get and which to avoid? Also, I have never rewired the entire car with one of these complete harnesses. I understand the general theory behind it. When it comes to the 1969 mustang, how far do you have to take the car apart to rewire it? Do you have to pretty much strip everything out of the entire dash? I will probably skip pulling the headliner out just to swap the dome light. I'd splice the existing wire into the new harness.
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    Did you increase your referral bonus? I received $15 from you last week.
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    Thanks, Jay. You'll be getting your $20 in the mail soon, so watch for it! Just kidding folks, but thank you for the kind words.
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    One other thing about most of the aftermarket wiring kits: they are basically designed for *gasp* GM products, so you'll need to cut off your Ford connectors and splice into the pigtails. What you're looking for is more aligned with what I do: give you a factory correct set of wiring, all plug-n-play, with a 2 year warranty. From there, you can modify things for 1 wire alternators, etc., as you see fit.

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