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    Brian Conway

    Fuel line clip?

    Turns out the clip that aslanefe posted may in fact be the original style clip for 69. After receiving a couple original 69/70 clips from Scott at West Coast Cougars I removed the remnant from my car. Appear to be a match ? Brian
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    1969 Front Parking Lights ...

    ACP Lamps came from Kentucky Mustang yesterday. They are BOTH Silver (or Clear) Zinc Plated so they at least match. Main benefit to being Silver instead of Yellow/Gold Zinc is I did not need to paint the inner reflector/bezel silver as ACP was NOT doing that on the yellow/gold ones either. The NOS Lamp I've got from the 80's is more silver than yellow/gold, so I'm fine with the color change ... better than my black painted originals for sure. The OEM 8-32 screws were tight going in on these (as they were on the yellow/gold one I got from NPD), so I chased the threads with an 8-32 tap. Even made little red wire loops like the OEM harnesses had out of some solid 22GA wire I had laying around. Smaller in OD vs. the OEM so 20 or 18GA wire would be better. Saga is finally over !! Doug
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    Trans am fender flares

    It’s not easy. No one makes them for the rear. It’s English-wheel, hammer and sandbag of flat sheet metal custom work, but it can be done of course. The front fenders were much easier: give Anvil your credit card number and they’ll send two fenders with a 1-1/2” bigger flare than stock. I run 315s out back now without mini tubs and 265s up front without rubbing.

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