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    Trunk light?

    My 69 Grande did not have the wire and red bullet connector in the harness at the trunk. Had to run a wire from the bullet connector that is under the dash on driver side.
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    Brian Conway

    Trunk light?

    Where to look. Brian
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    Some metallic in my paint. Removed old engine, painted engine bay/chassis and installed the new engine. Then we painted the car with fenders, doors and hood installed. Trunk was not installed, but you can't tell any difference. I will say the edges of the doors and fenders were really hard to get the coverage they needed. I went back and touched them up after.
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    69 mach1 Wheel and tire size

    Very nice, @Len69Coupe congrats on the completion. Hoping to get mine back on the road again. awaiting an engine to be delivered.
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    Finally got almost 53 years of greasy grimy gopher guts scraped off, new aprons on, prepped, primed and painted the engine bay. Now to get the Opentracker suspension and Chocko rebuilt steering back in.
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    Trunk light?

    Brian I think that I have seen near the hinge in your photo is where the wire goes through, there is a plastic clip that is attached to the small hole that holds the wire and a thin grommet ring that goes around the large hole to prevent the wire going through large hole from being cut then wire goes through lid to hole near latch and the light bracket is held in place there with a screw. As in photos of 69RavenConv above.
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    Got the new seats in you can see the NARDI steering wheel there too. They work much better w the race harness that is mounted on the stock roll bar. Reupholstering them in white w the Cobra & blue stitching took MONTHS, IDK why. they are comfy too. Next issue is getting her to stop wandering in the highway. After I fix that I can add MORE POWER!!!!!!
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