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    Best way to prep engine bay for paint

    Maybe I'm wrong, but my thoughts are, unless you are going down to bare metal, I'd use something like mineral spirits instead of lacquer thinner for the initial clean to remove the large amounts of grease. Then thorough cleaning with a strong soap and hot water. The lacquer thinner will soften whatever paint or primer remains. After completely dry use a Grease and Wax remover. After all that, sanding or scuffing, address any surface rust, then clean clean again with grease and wax remover. Some will try acetone instead of grease and wax remover, but, that can also soften any existing paint. Duplicolor spray cans have a nice spray pattern for a can. But, you will need a lot of cans. Each coat is extremely light and doesn't cover very well. I use to use Duplicolor because it's available everywhere. Now Duplicolor is my very last option for spray can paints. If you are going the single stage spray can route, which is fine, I'd first look to see what SEM offers.

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