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    Dave R.

    fold down seat latch adjustment

    And if your back seat doesn't rattle as you drive call the cops. Someone has stolen the seat. Dave R.
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    Not me!

    I feel your pain Randy. Of all the things I should remember, why do I remember the things that will do me absolutely no good.
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    Not me!

    Maybe it was Mid's fault & he is trying to shift the blame from him.
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    Maybe bigmal will drop by here, or you can send him a message. He also lives down under and has a 70. I have a post here that describes the 70s turn signal system, and he said it helped unscramble the problem. Perhaps he can guide you through what he did. Look in "How to's" for "1970 Mustang Exterior Lights (turn signals)".
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    Brian Conway

    fold down seat latch adjustment

    Pictured is an original panel and yes no access holes. I measured the back seat to get an idea of where the bracket should mount. Also a ' dry fit ' to make sure the post would not contact the very thin fiberglass post opening. Brian

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