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    Replacement Gages

    I have a 69 Mach 1 original tach in cluster and like to keep things original but I have made some modifications which I will list: * converted existing tach with rocketman www.RCCInnovations.com. Luckily I was able to buy one cheap on ebay and converted that. what he does is replace the guts but face is the same. * got the console pod and installed voltmeter and oil pressure it in the ashtray which is where the shelby's had them. * for voltmeter i just tapped existing wiring that was nearby the console * mustangs have the oil pressure sensor made for dummy lights. so i had to replace with oil pressure sensor made for gauge. * clock stopped working but i found a place where you can buy remanufactured original guts if your willing to take that apart. Let me know if you have questions? rob
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    351W aluminum intake

    I used the Ford intake that was sold by the dealer back in the day. It worked great with my stock shaker setup. Check out the video. Ray
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    351W aluminum intake

    And, due to my shorty headers, I could not run my brake lines on the passenger side of the master cylinder

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