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    And down the rabbit hole you go Ed. I have a stand alone blue tooth deck in my 69 and love it. Talking on the phone, using Google maps, and playing my music playlists is a breeze.
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    The lower dash color was common to all interior colors. Ford called it charcoal metallic but it was pretty much a semi-gloss black. I would expect NPD's product to be a good choice. Here's a recent thread on Concoursmustang.com that goes into more detail.
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    It ties the room together.
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    Ummm...that's a very strange entry way carpet, for sure!
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    Does your car smoke ?

    the SHAGUAR is a 1967 type 1. I had to have the covered headlights. She’s really tiny. You feel like a mongoose in a herd of elephants between SUVs but she’s fast & very agile so I can slalom the elephants. Only mod I did was add Bluetooth. I had the electronics updated and she’s as reliable as a Toyota, amazing.
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    Does your car smoke ?

    I love the Caddy, great cruiser but it’s terrifying over 70 mph. Cruising at night is just magical. I added disc brakes, seat belts, AC, Bluetooth, cupholder, & LED headlights. We named her Flo after the owner of Flo’s V8 Cafe in CARS movie.
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    Does your car smoke ?

    Ooooh Ooooh! Can you post pics of the Jaguar and Caddy? The Jaguar is the sexiest car ever designed and is my favorite.
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    Does your car smoke ?

    like smoke from the exhaust or under the mid section? it could be your Transmission getting too hot, overfilled and spilling on to the exhaust or could be a bad rear transmission seal.
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    I once new a girl with a black tooth ,she could not play music from it ,and it wasnt hidden ...but, that is probably not the same thing !
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    How did you get rid of steering wander ?

    LOL, I put modern MICHELINs on it so tires are good.

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