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    Cleveland Vacuum advance system

    and never reply to a 12 year old thread.
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    Cleveland Vacuum advance system

    NEVER EVER use manifold vacuum for vacuum advance on a car that has a centrifugal advance distributor and single port vacuum advance unit, EVER, unless you like having over 30 degrees of advance at idle, so your engine may idle like crap at idle. Also, ported vacuum has absolutely ZERO to do with emissions. .
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    Something else to check for oil consumption is no baffle in the rocker cover where the pcv valve is installed. If there is no baffle the oil splash from the rockers will get sucked into the intake and burned. The blue cloud will follow you.
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    Mach 1 Carpet

    I agree with Barnett on the ACC carpet. I replaced my factory carpet with ACC and was not happy. Just like he said, you could see the backing of the carpet on the trans tunnel and in any area where it had a bend. I sent it back and spent a few hours on cleaning up my original carpet and reinstalled, its old but still looked better than the ACC crap.

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