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    So Kamela and Joe...

    Pardon for what, Joe is the only Criminal
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    Ray Blair

    Turn Signals Optional?

    So, as I have often said, if all else fails, look. I found the original wiring. Noob slowly walks back in to his hole..
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    1969 mustang coupe project

    Put a price and pictures here so we can make up our mind ahead of time.
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    So Kamela and Joe...

    I saw a post where there were 2 pics side by side, one of the banjo playing from the movie Deliverance, & one of Joe Biden, very scary how much they look alike.
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    Aeromotive or Tanks Inc EFI tanks?

    I also used the Spectra 22 gal tank in my 69 Coupe. I made sure to remove the pump & clean out the inside before installing it after reading others problems with them. I have not yet run the engine.
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    Ignition/Starter Issue

    Back in the early days, I had a problem with the stud that the cable attaches to was loose in the starter and caused an intermittent problem.
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    Ignition/Starter Issue

    Yes, I kind of assumed you tried the easiest things first. 1 Good battery 2 Clean battery posts and cables. . 3 Good solenoid. 4 Good starter wire cable. 5 Good ground from battery to engine. These are easy to check and verify they are working before replacing the starter.
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    58 Tbird

    The turn signals on the dash pretty much describe todays situation. no matter which way you want to turn, you can only go down :-)
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    So Kamela and Joe...

    I don't think most people understand just how bad the swamp is on both sides. Just for one man trying to clean it up was impossible :(
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    1970 Convertible Restoration

    It’s a given they’ll pop up as soon as you install the replacements.
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    So Kamela and Joe...

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    Boss Run

    Maybe it's something to do with me because it still says private. Can anyone else see the video? Attached is the GT3. Have owned it 10 years next month. Not sure I'll ever get rid of it.
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    Boss Run

    I'm not a fan of the wheels he put on it, but to each his own.

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